The ‘Concrete Design Specialists’ are a Licensed & Insured Company, consisting of a highly qualified and experienced team of veteran Concrete Designers and Master Tradesmen. Their team has been specializing in projects within the Sydney Metro area since 1978 and has continued to build a position reputation for the last 33 years. Thankfully this has enabled them to gather most of their business from word of mouth referrals, although they are now expanding into online advertising to accommodate the recent expansions which they have made within their organization.

The Concrete Design Specialists have proven that their workmanship is superior to other contractors due to the extreme attention to detail that they show on each and every project, regardless of the size. They always take pride in providing high quality results because they understand that the feedback achieved is reflected back upon their public image, which they work hard to maintain and grow.

As a 3rd generation family business, the Concrete Design Specialists pride themselves on now being one of the most sought after Driveway Specialists in Sydney. They believe that their reputation has been earned due to their arsenal of advanced knowledge, innovative design elements, structural precautions and proprietary concreting strategies which ensure long term beauty and strength.

Leo Lavithis -the lead Designer of the Concrete Design Specialists- is the quality assurance manager who is always present at all job sites to ensure that the product you receive is everything that you asked for and exceeds your expectations. It’s Leo’s mission to ensure you’ll be so happy with your new Driveway that you will be motivated to recommend the services of his team to your neighbours, friends and family when they compliment you on you on how beautiful your new concrete addition is.

When comparing our work to other concreters it’s very easy to spot the difference in the finished product. Most concrete contractors treat their work just as something they need to do to get money in their pocket, but the problem with that is that their lack of interest in the task is reflected upon the quality that they produce. It’s a well known psychological fact that people do a great job at things which they enjoy most, which is why the ‘Concrete Design Specialists produce superior quality work compared to others and are therefore known for creating high quality ‘upper-class’ concrete projects for the purpose of adding value to the home, as opposed to cheaply made projects focused on saving money by cutting corners. They take every precaution to ensure that your beautiful new driveway will look as perfect in 10yrs as it did the day it was first laid.

Stylish Concrete Designs has been our passion, with the knowledge and expertise passed down through three generations. The ‘Concrete Design Specialists take pride in their craftsmanship as it’s what they enjoy most. With each new task they approach, they mastermind the project using the perfect balance of knowledge, expertise, passion, practicality, aesthetics and design inspiration.

You will find much more information about the Concrete Design Specialists by visiting the link below called HOME. Thank you for taking an interest, and on behalf of the Concrete Design Specialists we hope to prove ourselves to you by completing your next project.