Concrete Paint Selections

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Older houses often have concrete floors which make it somewhat hard and uncomfortable to spend extra time in specific rooms and areas of the house. Simple and raw concrete surfaces can make a room seem cold and unappealing. This can also make it very impractical if even just a few drops of water spills since this makes for ugly water marks which may even be slippery and dangerous. Quite often homeowners don’t understand that a raw concreted basement may still be usable in spite of its lack of beauty by simply by painting the concrete floors with a unique kind of concrete paint.

We can now choose from several unique kinds of concrete paints and coatings. We can order them in compounds which contain latex, epoxy and alkyd chemicals and each one provides advantages and disadvantages. Such paints can give a finish to the concrete which makes the surface highly usable, comfortable and very resistant to oils, grease or other substances. The majority of these paints provide a glossy finish, though we can also choose less shiny coats as well. If there is any worry about slips then we can request the contractor to add a non slip floor additive to the mixture of concrete paint.

Choosing the Right Concrete Paint

Many paint companies manufacture these paints and it’s always advisable to think about the good advantages of each paint and maker. The majority can be differentiated by the formulation they mix, as well as the finishes these provide. Some manufacturers use various combinations to create different kinds of finishes and coats. For instance, many companies sell a kind of sealing paint which finishes with a wet appearance, or we can also order it as a low gloss sealing concrete paint. We really have many options for how we want the finished concrete to appear. A very glossy look is widely used though it can sometimes be disadvantageous to use in a portion which may contain water sometimes and this creates a slipping hazard as mentioned before.

When we choose an epoxy based concrete paint, this is really the best option for durability, and we can also select between water based and oil based paints. Those which are oil based have an ability to last a lot longer though it produces unhealthy fumes if applied to a room which is closed up like a basement or cellar. All water based concrete paints are also much more convenient to clean, particularly when the contractor tends to have quick painters who drip paint everywhere.

For homeowners who have other floors such as patios or porches to do then they can select an indoor and outdoor concrete paint and apply a similar paint all over the needed projects. That allows us some convenience when we want to paint concrete at the house.

Although there are not as numerous selections as regular paint, colour is n element which still must be carefully thought about when ordering concrete paints. Some neutral colours are good options when we want the floor to compliment the wall colour. Even though it may seem like darker colours are the more practical option – we have to also understand that these really make the grime and dirt show and may not necessarily be the actual practical selection. An example is the fact that black is one of the worst colors for showing dust. Even though we don’t really want a black floor to begin with.

For locations where good lighting is essential, selecting the best concrete paint color which reflects the light instead of absorbing it is a clear advantage. Some bright colors are more advisable in kitchens and other rooms, and adhering to one solid colour will work much more effectively than a mixture of colors.

A lot of homeowners opt to decorate their concrete floors with many designs and shapes by utilizing particular materials blended into the concrete paint, this makes for a nice original effect on the concrete surface when we paint concrete properly to beautify our homes.

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