Popular Decorative Concrete Driveway Designs and Patterns In Sydney

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Consider these suggestions for Decorative Concrete Driveways In Sydney.  A Decorative Concrete slab is created to look like brick, slate, flagstone, cobblestone and other patterns. Such natural stone appearances are expensive and need more maintenance than patterned or stamped concrete, hence making stamped concrete much more cost-effective and still able to attain the look you desire. Since concrete is the highly used in Sydney for driveways, courtyards, and patios, stamped concrete is a well-known usage for creating a feasible and special design.

Examples of Stamped Concrete Patterns:

  • Cobblestone Pattern – These are random and interlocking. The surface texture is that of naturally weathered, flat cobblestones with edges that are irregular and corners are all rounded.
  • English Yorkstone Pattern – This is also random and interlocking. The surface texture looks like natural, fractured stone with the edges and corners broken and rounded to add smoothness.
  • Fractured Slate Pattern- another random and interlocking design. The surface texture is also natural with fractured slate and straight edges with squared corners.
  • Ashlar Stone Pattern – the same random and interlocking. The surface texture appears rough, split, natural stone with sharp edges and squared corners.
  • Pine Interlocking Plank Pattern -The surface texture looks lightly sandblasted pine boards with beveled edges along the length of each board. The ends are saw-cut with squared corners.
  • Cobblestone with Sorrento Pattern. The surface texture shows naturally worn appearance with flat cobblestones. Edges are asymmetric with rounded corners.
  • Natural Stones with Rock Garden Pattern – The surface texture has smoothness, natural flat garden stones with rounded edges and worn.
  • Sandstone Pattern – also random and interlocking. The surface texture is that of rough, natural sandstone with worn out and rounded edges.
  • Limestone Pattern – This is European Fan. The surface texture is split with natural stone look. Edges are asymmetric with a hand-chiseled appearance and rounded corners.

There are a few well-known Concrete patterns on Driveways in Sydney and one of them is the cobblestone and ashlar slate pattern. Every Decorative Concrete Contractor in Sydney possesses their own stamp patterns derived from what has been the most favorite in their locality.


The Variety of Decorative Concrete Pattern Options in Sydney

Nowadays, Sydney Concrete Driveway designs may be formed from virtually any shape, texture, pattern, or color. This is a great method for adding a new aspect of quality and class to the house, with a sensible cost and price. The use of pattern stamping is one of those unique and colorful methods to improve plain looking Decorative Concrete Driveway Designs in Sydney. Basically, the driveway is pre-cast and the Sydney Driveway has been coloured and imprinted with a concrete pattern which resembles brick, tile, cobblestone, or other various patterns. There is also a textured surface finishes that are bromide, swirl, or exposed aggregate like small stones.

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  1. Very well written article I must say. I checked your homepage and like what I saw regarding your decorative concrete driveways. I’m scanning the internet for 3 concreting companies to give me quotes and want to say that you lot are definitely going to be one of them. Talk to you soon.

  2. I’ve seen some beautiful decorative concrete driveways around Sydney, especially in the rich suburbs. Whichever Concreting Company they hired for all those jobs, they sure did a good job.

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