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The Reason Decorative Concrete Is The Best Option

When considering the installation or possibly a renovation of your old driveway, it’s a good idea to think about great concrete driveway designs and patterns that will enhance your home. Installing a decorative concrete driveway brings different sorts of design to choose from that can turn into a huge difference in your home landscaping and increases the value of your property.

Concrete can be diversified, suitable for its durability, appearance, low maintenance, and shows high-class construction material at first look. All these can be acquired in a concrete driveway. People who own their houses are very proud when it comes to the outside appearance of their home. A concrete driveway turns out to be an important part of a landscaping set-up that conveys an attractive image. Because of concrete’s various sort of texture, color, or patterns, it raises the perspective of the driveway as a landscape design element which fulfills homeowner’s exacting demands nowadays.

Concrete is not only very useful, it also provides a wide variety of designs to select that can surely result in a huge difference when it comes to home landscaping arrangements and raises the property values. To add to its appearance, concrete can have the decorative look, feel, and color of brick, tile, slate, or stone. Another well-known finishing is the exposed aggregate. There are also lots of other design choices that can be avail. All of these selections can balance various sorts of exterior treatments of the house.

Having concrete driveways already been acknowledged to provide homeowners hassle-free service. The reason is just easy. Concrete last long…a lot of driveways can be maintained for 30 years and longer without a major fixture. Just like other high-quality purchases, concrete costs less in the long run.

Designing your own concrete driveway from the street to your garage will not only contributes fulfillment of its appearance but also adds long lasting quality and value to your home too.


A superior decorative concrete driveway often starts with the right set-up. Providing more time at this stage is always a wise decision which can help you get rid of potential problems that could happen later on. The size should be the first thing to think about.

For a single-car driveway, it is recommended to have it at least 8 to 9 feet wide. For double width, it is better to use 15 to 18 feet. If the distance from the street to a 2 or more car garage is long enough, the initial entry approach can be of a single-car width and then widened near the garage to accommodate all car stalls. If space is available, additional parking or a turn-around area may also be made. And lastly, during planning is the right period to think about the additional concrete patio or porch to your home.

With regards to thickness, concrete that has no rebar or wire mesh has to be 4 inches thick, and that is the standard for passenger car driveways. With heavy cars or trucks, 5 inches thick is advised. And to remove any standing water, your driveway needs to be sloped towards the street at least 1%, or 1/8th of an inch per foot to ensure effective drainage of rain water or other fluids.


Concrete which is ready-mixed and intended for driveways is usually specified based on governmental standards for testing and materials in your country. If you adhere to the correct specifications and construction techniques, this will help you avoid problems like cracking and peeling. In short:

  • The compressive strength of 4000 psi for 28 days is sufficient durability for most weather seasons.
  • Correct Air content – specified air content ranging from 5% to 7% for all outside temperatures. Apart from enhancing the long term strength of the concrete, the air content must enhance the workability, with no requirement for more water to be added.
  • Designating Slump – make sure to assign some slump. In concrete driveway designs, be sure to have a 4-inch slump. A slump more than 5 inches must definitely be corrected.
  • Proper Aggregates – specific the size of the coarse aggregate to be used. Usually, ¾th or 1 whole inch is used in most cases. Somewhat more expensive is chert-reduced aggregate which can be ordered to help inhibit any pop-outs of the concrete.

In areas with milder outside temperatures, lower strengths and air contents may be needed. Ask your ready mixed concrete manufacturer for the right mixes for your locale.

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