How Much For An Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveway?

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The Cost Of An Exposed Aggregate Driveway

Apart from the average Costs Of An Exposed Aggregate Driveway in Sydney we should know even before starting, there are other things we must consider for a concreting project such as this. Contractors generally offer these kinds of services, especially when it comes to lowering exposed aggregate concrete driveway prices. They also do concrete house slabs, concrete patios, concrete footpaths and many more flat works needed. We know that concreting can be a very labour intensive job which needs to be executed as soon as possible before the newly poured concrete sets and cures, concreting a driveway, for example, requires a number of Concreters in Sydney.

Some contractors generally have their own cement trucks or could order the cement to be delivered directly from the supplier to the job site. Workers must have their concreting tools and equipment on hand like concrete screeds, concrete edgers, concrete stencils and if needed, a reliable concrete mixer in case they need to mix a batch on site.

  1. Contractors do a number of tasks as part of an exposed aggregate concrete driveway pricing which includes:
  2. Readying the job site which includes any vegetation clearing and leveling the space to be concreted, creating marks and constructing the forms for the concrete, and also installing the concrete steel reinforcements like steel rebars.
  3. Getting the sand, cement, and water all mixed up properly along with the needed aggregates in the cement mixer to create the actual concrete.
  4. Getting this concrete into position by using concrete pumps or traditional wheelbarrows.
  5. Pouring the concrete into the forms, making sure all of the fresh concrete is distributed and leveled properly by using concrete screeds to make them even.
  6. Tamping and smoothing the concrete by utilizing paving and trowelling machines and tools.
  7. Effective polishing of the concrete after the curing is done.
  8. Improving the concrete by using different kinds of concrete designs with stencils and stamps.
  9. Possible concrete cutting to add expansion joints into the concrete base and making it more durable.

Exposed Aggregate Driveway Labour Costs

Contractors typically purchase their concrete per cubic meter and so they have measured the quantity of concrete which will be needed for your exposed aggregate concrete driveway cost estimate. How long and how wide the area to be concreted is quite easy to reckon by providing the square meters of concrete needed.

Exposed Aggregate Contractors in Sydney usually charge homeowners by the square meter to allow it to be easier for everyone to pay. Although, when we are given a square meter costing- make certain that they have laid down the correct thicknesses for the concrete project. Here are the minimum thicknesses used for different projects:

  • Walkways and Paths are 75mm thick.
  • Aggregate driveways should be 100mm thick.
  • Concrete Garage Floors need to be 125mm thick.
  • The average exposed aggregate concrete driveway prices per square meter are:
  • Basic concrete about $50-$70 per square meter depending on estimates of the area.
  • Coloured concrete is about $60-$85 per square meter., also based on the area to be concreted
  • Slate impression goes approximately for $70+ per square meter
  • Stenciled finish is about $80+ per square meter and is also dependent on estimates.

For instance, a standard 70 square meter exposed aggregate driveway cost can range $3,800 and $5,000. A similarly sized driveway with coloured concrete can range in price from about 4,300 to 6,000 dollars all depending on estimates for labor and materials used.

Before getting a contractor you need to know that one of the ways to get a reliable concrete contractor and a good idea about the cost of an exposed aggregate concrete driveway is to know what to expect and having your specifications prepared in advance. When you’ve done some homework and have a good concept of the precise requirements you have then contractors will be begging to get the project. The requirements you need ready are:

  1. The number of square meters of the area to be concreted.
  2. What colour you want your concrete to be.
  3. Any designs or stamps which you would like to be done as finishing.
  4. Additional clear finishes and sealers to make it last longer.

Timing is another major consideration here. When you’re undertaking a big project or long overdue renovation then what is the appropriate time to get started and finished in time. We need to make sure that the new exposed aggregate driveway does not get damaged, causing you to need to contact Concreters based in Sydney Who Specialises In Exposed Aggregate Driveways.


The different types of concrete driveways

There are quite a few choices for an exposed aggregate concrete driveway. We don’t need to be limited by boring bare concrete. Nowadays, a driveway costs include a wide range of options, such as:

  1. Coloured concrete driveways
  2. Stenciled concrete driveways
  3. Stamped concrete driveways
  4. Spray-on Patterned Concrete Driveways
  5. Pebblecrete driveways
  6. Exposed aggregate driveways
  7. Grinded concrete aggregate driveways, and
  8. Polished concrete driveways

Contractors could also use various treatments for the concrete to enhance elements like its colour, waterproofing and bonding qualities. Homeowners may also ask for concrete additives in order to help with traction and easier cleaning.

What do most Concrete Contractors specialize in?

  • Just a few of the other typical for contractors are:
  • Coloured concrete for patio flat work
  • Exposed aggregate concrete driveways for new or old homes
  • Stenciled concrete driveways for more decorative designs
  • House slabs for foundations.
  • Driveway crossovers for multiple vehicles
  • Concrete footpaths and walkways around the garden or lawn.


Finding The Right Exposed Aggregate Driveway Concreter In Sydney

There are several sites online which can make it easy to find the right Exposed Aggregate Contractors in Sydney. Just do some googling for the best recommendations in your area and get referrals for several more to compare. Some websites will even email you with suggestions on local contractors, and any which are available and have the expertise to do the driveway you want properly.

Asking Your Contractor The Right Questions:

If you have big concreting project like a driveway, you must have clear particulars and ask each contractor to give you a quote based on those particulars. This way a homeowner can get exposed aggregate concrete driveway cost quotes which they can compare properly.  As you evaluate which to select for your concrete project, you need to find out if:

1. If they have insurance coverage for any personal or property damage which might happen.

2. The years of experience they have in being contractors.

3. The length of time they have been using their concrete suppliers for. And if they’ve recently changed and the reasons for the change, it might be since they didn’t pay for supplies the last time.

4. Ask for pictures of previous work that they have completed and verify them.

5. Ask for the names of their previous clients and other homeowners they’ve done work for.

When you get to compare the different quotes for the cost of your exposed aggregate concrete driveway you can be more capable of figuring out which is the best price in your case, although you should also take into consideration the quality of workmanship and reliability of the contractor. When they are accredited by the right agencies you can get a better and idea and may even get feedback from their previous customers. The right combination of driveway price and quality can point you in the right direction when deciding on the best Exposed Aggregate Concreters in Sydney to allocate your project to.

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