How To: The Applications Of Polished Concrete Flooring

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The Applications of Polished Concrete Flooring

Since polished concrete flooring can be achieved with a multi-step procedure, many clients may select the level of luster from a soft satin look to a high-gloss sheen which meets their upkeep and visual appeal desires. That kind of versatility allows polished concrete to be best flooring treatment for many kinds of applications. Sydney-based floor polishing contractors state that their main clients are:

• Big warehousing chains and outlet stores

• Retail outlets

• Five-star hotels and restaurants

• Commercial office buildings

• Automotive showrooms and display areas

• Private homes and large or small residences

The fact that it is so easy to maintain is the key reason a lot of warehouses and retail stores are selecting polished concrete flooring, but not only polished concrete floors are easier to clean, and only need damp mopping once in a while, the polished floors still maintains its sheen even against forklifts and heavy foot traffic. Polished concrete floors also eliminate the requirement for untidy wax or coats as well as the related labor, time, and costs to apply them. Again, the lustrous surface is resistant to any marks that the forklift tires and any stains like oil and other chemicals.

Another important advantage of polished concrete floors is the high light reflectivity, particularly in commercial office buildings, hotels, restaurants, and similar facilities which want to display a shining and clean, professional appearance. Many customers just want a look that’s simply special and they can get this by hiring a good and reliable polishing contractor.

These polished concrete contractors admit that polishing will provide the concrete a higher level of luster, which looks like polished marble or granite, which can be attained with a very glossy coating. That allows polished concrete to become an especially good choice for homeowners or businesses which can’t buy marble or granite floors and yet wish for a similar sheen and mirror-like finish. In order to mimic the colour of the stone, some Sydney based contractors will often apply stains to the concrete floor while undergoing the polishing process or any polished concrete floor which has been coloured integrally. Some contractors can even create a terrazzo look by grinding into the surface up to a few millimeters of the concrete to reveal the aggregates underneath.

Could Concrete Polishing Be Applied To All Slabs?

Nearly any solid and stable concrete flooring, either new or weathered, may be polished. Though there are a few exceptions. With newer concrete floors, a special mix design is needed to attain great results. Although, the concrete floor must be in place and cured within 28 days prior to beginning any polishing to make sure of adequate drying and setting. A few retail and warehouse floorings which plan to get polished concrete flooring after setting could specify the pouring and finishing of as smooth a floor as can be done to lessen the polishing steps and costs needed.

Some already laid out concrete floors usually need some surface readying before concrete polishing to eliminate oils, dirt, grease, coatings, or defects. But floors which are wavy, or require extensive patching, and may be highly porous may not be advisable for concrete polishing. Sydney based contractors are trained to find out if a floor can withstand concrete polishing.

In order to aid solidify and make the polished concrete surface denser, a few contractors apply permeating hardeners to a concrete floor, usually after the initial phase of the grinding procedure. Such products that can be used on new or already existing flooring function by reacting at a chemical level with Polished Concrete Flooring materials in order to create a compact and dense, crystal like structure inside. These also inhibit the development of dust from the concrete and provide an extra layer of safety from water seepage and stain which can mar the finish.

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