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The Standards Of Polished Concrete

No actual and stringent standards for polished concrete have ever been fully confirmed in Sydney, although it is the mutual consensus that any concrete should be polished by the progression of sanding disks stopping at the 1800-3500 grit diamond level to be classified as a Polished Concrete Flooring in Sydney. When this level is attained the concrete can show a high gloss luster and great reflection abilities with no need for applying a topical coating to achieve the same qualities.

The process of concrete polishing in Sydney is not just the exposure of the rock in the concrete mixture then using a sealing agent to keep it shiny. While undergoing the polishing procedure an internal permeating sealer is used. This sealant seeps well into the concrete layers though it cannot be seen with just our eyes. This not just provides protection to the concrete from the underneath but likewise hardens and makes the concrete denser. That removes the requirement for a topical coat, and this leads to lower maintenance costs and labor as compared to a topical coating or concrete paint.

Some of the best Concrete Polishing Contractors bring the concrete to a full polish without needing to apply a topical paint, coat or wax to make it shine. These professionals believe that waxing the concrete surface will only negate the purpose of a thoroughly polished floor since the concrete surface itself can be polished, hence there’s no need to apply anything to the floor which would then require extra maintenance.


The Average Cost of Polished Concrete In Sydney

Polished concrete cost is fundamentally based on the number of grinding levels that are needed to get the concrete flooring to desired smoothness. The actual cost for polished concrete may be high depending on the presence of any decorative effects which are applied like staining or scoring and many more.

The cost of polished concrete flooring tends to be more cost effective in big areas. Many, if not the majority of Sydney based contractors admit that smaller residential concrete floors tend to cost a bit higher due to the fact that they need smaller sized machines needed for polishing the small floor area and tight corners.

Some examples of polished concrete prices:

  1. The basic cost for a polished concrete floor that requires only a few levels of grinding, according to some Sydney based contractors can average $3/square foot
  2. If you have a polished concrete flooring that requires more in-depth grinding or has some additional coloured concrete like stains or dyes, the same Sydney contractors will charge about $3-$8 per square foot
  3. The price of $3-$7/sq ft is usually applied to commercial flooring and may add the staining or scoring the floors as per most contractors in the Victoria area.
  4. $6-$12/ sq ft is the usual cost for polished concrete for a home’s flooring since it’s harder to achieve a consistent look when using small polishing machines.

Polished concrete flooring can differ based on the area of the country and the local contractors in that area. A lot of these offer various prices for different levels and designs for a polished concrete surface. In order to find out how much it will cost in your area, contact any of the Sydney Concrete Polishing Contractors for your locale.

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