Important Information About Polished Concrete Flooring

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Preserving the Shine of Polished Concrete Flooring

Even though maintaining polished concrete floors only requires minimal labor and cost, a bit of regular cleaning is still needed. Sydney Concrete Polishing Companies suggest a simple maintenance program of periodic dusting to take away grit and moist mopping using a neutral cleaner to improve its luster. A few companies sell specialty cleaning solutions and chemical care substances for Polished Concrete Floorings which not just clean the surface, they also create a dirt-resistant thin coating for the polished concrete. Such products may be applied using a mop or an auto scrubbing machine and yet don’t need to be buffed.

Even from simple cleaning methods like that, the Polished Concrete will keep its sheen for decades. Slowly, though, the luster may dull, particularly in high-traffic concreted areas. Thankfully, it’s quite simple to restore that luster. Often, simply using a buffer on the floor combined with a polishing compound you can buy anywhere is more than enough. If more to restoration is called for, the polish concrete flooring may be lightly re-polished using a fine-grit abrasive or concrete polisher.


Polished Concrete Floors: Installation And Classifications

Polished concrete flooring can be classified into 2 categories: newly polished concrete floors, and retrofit concrete polishing.  Regarding  ‘Newly Polished Concrete Flooring’, new floors do not need a lot of work leading to cost effectiveness, though there are some things we need to aware of prior to a new concrete floor is polished. Initially, the concrete slab may contain a decorative aggregate material. Two of the most widely used aggregates are river stone, granite, and black basalt mixture, although the aggregate material could almost be anything that can be used in polished concrete flooring.

The completed surface of the concrete floor must be finished to an elevated standard to make the polishing process effective. While the finishing steps are being done any decorative materials like seashells or stones may be dropped into the surface of the concrete while wet. The builder has to be made aware as fast as feasible if the concrete floor will be polished so that the last finish is as fine as possible. 

Retrofitted Polished Concrete Flooring

To put it simply, the procedure for polishing concrete which has been retrofitted has many similarities to using sand paper on wood and timber. Some contractors use heavy-duty polishing equipment and some may even use a concrete grinder to slowly grind down concrete surfaces to the wanted level of sheen and smoothness qualities. Two of the closest examples which could compare are polished granite or marble floorings or other surfaces.

When we think about what is the current favorite in architectural flooring, polished concrete is the most likely candidate at present. Although not yet widely popular in some parts of Australian housing and commercial sector, polished concrete flooring is fairly easy to install and can be highly durable, easy to maintain, relatively cheap, very shiny and can last for decades. The shiny and stone like polished concrete floors can add visual appeal in all areas of the house and commercial space as well as in kitchens and can also replace conventional benchtop finishes.

First of all, the concrete slab must have a mix of decorative aggregate materials. The 2 most widely used aggregates are river stone and black basalt mixtures. Although the aggregate material can be nearly anything we want as long as it is applicable to concrete, like glass, pebbles, etc.

Polished concrete floor installation is known to come in 2 variations: new floors, and retrofit floors. Freshly laid and cured concrete floors do not need a lot of work to attain a polished look, this leads to lower expenses, though there are some elements which we have to know so the newly laid concrete flooring may attain that Polished Concrete Flooring appearance. If you would like to see Polished Concrete Flooring Contractors In Sydney then visit the homepage at

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