How To Calculate The Cost Of An Exposed Aggregate Driveway

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Exposed Aggregate Driveway Costs

This article has been made to provide a step by step walk through and the calculations needed for an example of how to estimate and  Calculate The Cost For Your Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveway. We all agree that an exposed aggregate concrete driveway creates an amazing look in front of one’s home or building. Most people who remodel or have a new the house built will have a hard time figuring out what materials are good for the walkways, the driveway and the front of the building or home. Some may use asphalt pavement for the driveway since it’s really cheap and not so hard to keep up.

Nowadays, most people aren’t impressed with the concept of using asphalt as a driveway for a new and beautiful house. Hence, many people consider an Exposed Concrete Driveway as a better and more attractive choice. Nowadays, we have many Decorative Concrete Products To Choose From which enable homeowners to design their driveways the way they want.

For any concrete driveway, 2 of the most well known choices made today are stamped concrete and the exposed aggregate driveway. Just to understand how these materials compare in terms of cost, an asphalt driveway cost approximately one dollar per square foot depending on where you live. Now stamped concrete begins at approximately six dollars per square foot. While an exposed aggregate concrete driveway starts approximately at four dollars per square foot. Although all of these costs depend on inspections and various cost quotes for materials.

If you’re overly concerned about the concrete driveway prices then take comfort in knowing that it’s a good choice for any homeowner to go for an exposed aggregate concrete driveway since it can be quite pleasing to the eye when finished. Since one can see the surface of the concrete will be exposed during the last touches making all of the aggregates visible. When the concrete has fully dried the top layer is given a sealing agent. This sealing agent fully enhances the colors in the stones and also helps to protect the entire driveway from the elements and everyday vehicular and pedestrian foot traffic, so the next time you’re considering getting a new driveway, many people suggest looking into an exposed aggregate concrete driveway as a value for price aesthetically pleasing choice.


How To Estimate The Cost Of An Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveway

These are the first things you should do in order to properly calculate the total costs involved in creating an Exposed Aggregate Driveway. When you need to estimate the price of a concrete driveway, first you must properly determine what the specifications of your driveway are. You can do that by knowing what will be parked on and crossing the whole driveway. The majority of common driveways are 4 inches in thickness if you don’t own large RV and or trucks in which case the driveway has to be 6 inches. Let’s say for instance we need the conventional 4 inches for everything, from there we have to know the approach and/or the amount it needs to posses, a driveway’s approach is the initial 9 to 10 feet of the driveway and it should have a thickness of 6 inches. The average home has at least 1 approach.

When your home has a driveway which you simply want to replace it you need take good measurements and make clear notes about it with a illustrations to add more details and measurements of the driveway as you make them. Or you could also set up a string line of the needed shape of the driveway. In this instance, let’s say we want a standard driveway with 1 approach running back 50′ and our goal is to have it fifteen feet wide.

By simple calculations, initially we can just take off the 10 feet that we need to create the approach from the complete measurement of the driveway we are thinking of, 10 less 50 feet equals 40 feet. Then take that number and multiply it by how wide and thick the driveway is. Or 40x15x4 feet which is equal to 200 cubic feet. From here you need to change that into when you divide it by the number 27, for instance 200 divided by 27 is equal to 7.40 cubic yard for the area.

Keep in mind that turning into a driveway means coming at an angle, and the driveway can’t simply go straight from the back to the roadway. You need to begin at the roadway and come in 3 inches make a mark, then as the driveway comes to the roadway you pull over 1 foot or how much you feel it requires to its left and right sides, this will appear like you have two 1 by 3 foot triangles at the end of your driveway as it reaches the roadway. From here, lets figure out the square footage of the triangles using this calculation, 1’x3’x6″ =1.5 cubic foot and then the remainder of the roadway approach which is 10’x15’x6″ equal to 75 cubic feet. Now add the 2 numbers together and divide that by 27 again, for instance 1.5+75 =76.5 cubic feet / 76.5/27 and that equals to 2.83 cubic yards exactly.

Next, simply get the sum for steps-3 and 4 or 2.83+7.40 =10.23 cubic yards. This way, we understand that we have to get 10.23 cubic yards of concrete for the example driveway. Moreover, we want to add in the sand that should be required, concreting sand is priced very low. One easy method for estimating exposed aggregate driveway prices is to take your driveway calculations and multiply them using this instance: 40x15x3 feet equals 150 cubic feet and 150 divided by 27 equals to 5.55 cubic yards and 3 inches of sand is required in your exposed aggregate concrete driveway price.

Now contact the nearest concrete and sand wholesalers and get the cost for the needed materials, remember that delivery costs for sand if you don’t haul it yourself will go as high as 100 to 200 dollars. These numbers are just conservative estimates for 2011 and you could use these to give you a idea of the cost, sand is $14.00 per cubic yard and the concrete is $90.00 per cubic yard example math, concrete 10.23x$90.00 =$920.70, sand 5.55x$14.00 =77.70.

Hence, the total cost with no delivery needed or any of the 2x4s and stakes you would also need to add in if your the DIY and you want to pour the concrete to, cost is $998.40 remember, you want to estimate in 2x4s you could estimate it at $3.00 per 10′ of needed 2x4s to form it up and also add in $25.00 for wood stakes. A suggestion is if you’re going to pay someone to build the forms, work the pour, and do the finishing work. Standard labor costs will run in the neighborhood of $1 per square foot of space.

Lastly, there are reinforcements which must be considered when determining what will your exposed aggregate driveway cost. For you to improve the durability whilst lowering the price of your exposed aggregate concrete driveway over the long run, it is essential to install some reinforcement after the forms are built to stop any cracking and or other damage later as the concrete expands and contracts from the external elements like climate, water and ice. Using wire-mesh, and steel re-bar are crucial standard reinforcements which cost approximately 10 cents per square foot depending on where you live and its availability, so be sure to factor that in when Calculating The Cost Of An Exposed Aggregate Driveway.

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