Stencilled Concrete Prices: What Costs Are Involved?

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What Is The Average Cost For Stencilled Concrete Patterns

The average price for stock stencil patterns ranges from $7 to $9 for every square foot. Custom patterns generally cost more than that of course. Though considering the degree of special details and personalized designs that can be made, the prices can still be quite reasonable. Stencil Crete’s true value is what a homeowner can achieve from basic to very elaborate decorative concrete patterns and designs which are easy to make with a decorative concrete application which would not be feasible with any other kind of treatment.

There are various advantages of concrete stenciling such as exciting modern range of coloured concrete to make your concrete stencil project stand out, low maintenance cement surface, very cost effective, non-slip / slip resistant surface, non-fading concrete colours extremely hard wearing surface, no weed growth, finish that is stronger than plain cement, more impact and abrasion resistant, easy to apply/use.


Other Factors Involved When Estimating The Cost Of Stencilled Concrete

Of course, we must understand that the cost of customized stencils for concrete can be priced somewhat higher than basic stencil patterns, and they are not usually reusable. Hence, it’s important to order enough stencil to finish the whole job as needed. Average pricing for a customized Stencilled Concrete is typically dependent on the entire size of the area and how elaborate the design is along with the material utilized for the final Stencil Crete.

When your stencil has already been priced then you may like to purchase it one step at a time. Since the stencils are die cut, the strips must be lined-up in a certain way to make sure of stencilled pattern continuity, the same as aligning the strips of patterned wallpaper. After covering the whole slab, utilize a pair of scissors to trim the stencil to about 1/8 inch inside the form boards to let the stencil to swell a bit. A bull float is a flat smooth float for smoothing the cement is then being used to stick down the edges, especially when you are trying to reduce the costs.

Stencil concrete is an excellent substitute to paving and plain cement when you combine the durability and low maintenance of formwork with the attractive colour and designs of paving.  The price of concrete stencils includes driveways, paths, patios, barbeque and outdoor entertainment areas, public thoroughfares, pool/spa surrounds, formed concrete slabs, alfresco areas and almost anywhere that cement is used regardless of the cost. To find out what the price will be to create your required Stencil Crete design then contact the Concrete Design Specialists here.

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  1. I need a quote for standard concrete stencil for my driveway around 120 sqm. Please get back to me via my mobile, I’ll email it to you now.

  2. Hello I am thinking of stenciling my concrete driveway approx 150 sq mtrs and would like an approx price. I am in croydon park sydney thanks.

  3. Hi,
    We have a concrete driveway,can we still put concrete stencils in it? And also we need to put stencils around our house (no concrete underneath at this moment). I’m not sure but i think the area is about 70sqm. Roughly how much will it cost us? Actually I’ll email you now, just reply there thanks.

  4. Hi there,
    I am Chairman of our Body Corporate and would like a quote to do stencilled concrete on all our body corporate areas, pathways, stairs, etc. It is quote a large area.
    I will obtain the sq. metres from the strata.

  5. I’ve found that the price of Stencilled Concrete is more than that of standard ordinary cement, but it’s well worth the additional cost since it’s much more beautiful.

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