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This Privacy Policy is applicable for this site which is managed by the Concrete Driveways Sydney or any one of its secondary entities as the “Website” or “Site”, including all other names related to Concrete Driveways in Sydney.


Definition of Terms For This Privacy Policy

1. The terms; “we”, “us” or “our” means Concrete Driveways Sydney or one of our secondary entities; and that

2. “you” or “your” or “the user” refers to visitors and users of the Website and all other websites, subscribers to and all of the users of services offered by us, the buyers of any and all products and or services as well as our advertising clients.


Any and all information which the user provides via Sydney Concreters may be accumulated and utilized by us, as dictated by this privacy policy. The statements here outline every policy connected to the accumulation and utilization of the personal information of the user. This also applies to the user’s conduct on the Concrete Driveways website. The policies stated herein are set as an added provision to the Terms & Conditions which governs the whole site and must be read in combination with the aforementioned Terms & Conditions. Users may not have full access to the database of Sydney Concreters if they do not wish to agree to this Privacy Policy.


The user’s personal information is important to Sydney Concreters

Sydney Concreters recognize that the user’s private information is highly confidential and that the user has complete rights to control that confidential information. The website understands that giving personal information is an act of trust and the website should consider this thoroughly. Personal and confidential information is data or information regarding a person whose identity is evident or can be convincingly determined. This involves all personal and confidential information despite its origins.


How Sydney Concreters collect information

Whenever any user browses this site, the company’s servers will repeatedly take note of all the information regarding that user’s visit to the site, this may include the times and dates of the visits, how long it lasted and the actual pages visited. This will assist the website to enhance the site and to make sure that advertisements on the site are completely relevant to your wants and desires. During such instances, the information collected about the user remains completely anonymous.

The collection of the user’s personal or confidential information is crucial for the finishing of a few essential functions and actions of the site. The Website will, should it be sensible or realistic to do so, additionally collect any personal information directly from the user. For example, the collection of any personal info may occur when the user;

1. Voluntarily clicks on any “Request more information” option and agrees to follow and complete the “Request more information” page form;

2. If the user fills up and submits a “Register” form, an “ Account Setup” form, or an “Order or Purchase Form” or any form which requires personal information;

3. If the user submits an email or message to us or via the Website; and lastly,

4. If the user gives personal information by telephone post Website visitation to confirm an order, etc.

Any and all personal information that is collected from the user will add the user’s name, possibly the postal address, email address, dates of birth, phone numbers, mobile phone numbers and in some cases, the user’s financial info, or other data known to be essential for completing any request, order or application process the user needs to accomplish.

Sydney Concreters may also collect personal information in these instances:

• Coming from 3rd parties like credit reporting companies or the user’s bank representatives;

• Collected from publicly open sources of such info like telephone books;

• Also, from the website’s 3rd party service providers;

• Likewise from the records of the website and the way the site was used any services availed; and / or

• If and when the website is legally required to collect the said information.

Regardless how the user’s personal information is accumulated, it is dealt with by the website according to the National Privacy Principles in each country.

Should the user choose not to give over any personal information to the website, it may not have the needed data to give the services and products which the user requires, nor even a good level of service from the site.


Usage and Disclosure of Personal Information

The website may use the user’s personal information for purposes of:

1. Verifying the identity of the user;

2. Be able to properly offer the best products and services to the user, including, but not limited to directory listing services, lead generation services and advertising services to name a few;

3. Be able to administer and govern the products and services provided, including, but not limited to any and all notifications, charges, billing notices and also collecting payments;

4. For entering into written agreements contracts with the user;

5. For assisting the user subscribe to the site’s products and services;

6. In making alterations to the user’s profile when needed;

7. In responding to any inquiries or any and all feedback the user may have made;

8. To aid the website improve its products and services effectively;

9. For the site to provide pertinent promotion information, as well as advertising or any special promos;

10. In performing the correct evaluations for worth of the user’s credit and to avoid any fraud;

11. Lastly, in preventing and detecting any and all misuse of, or any and all deceptive activities concerning the site.


The website may contact the user to let him or her receive information regarding new products, services, and promotions or special activities or items which may interest the user. Should the user not wish the site to contact them to provide information and market the site’s products, services, promotions or advertising or any kind, users are advised to email:

For the website to fulfill any particular requests or provide the user with services which the user has requested or paid for, the site may need to disclose some personal information in specific instances, to 3rd party companies whose items and / or services are required by the user. This could occur when the user clicks on the “Request more information” option and/or completes and submits the “Request more information” option. The site may also choose to divulge the user’s personal information to the site’s 3rd party service providers which are engaged in helping to facilitate the provision of the services and or products the user may require. Such 3rd party service providers could also perform marketing, telemarketing and sales services, customer support and inquiries, debt recovery work, present internet marketing studies and website usage evaluations.

Concrete Driveways Sydney could divulge the user’s personal information in situations where:

1. It is required or authorized by the rules and regulations of the government and other regulatory entities or organizations.

2. The website suspects that the user of the site is in violation of the Terms & Conditions of its usage;

3. In order to safeguard the website’s rights and / or property;

4. In order to reduce a serious threat to a person’s health or safety;

5. For the site’s credit evaluation and fraud assessment agencies;

6. For credit providers and with credit related activities like creditworthiness, credit ratings, credit provisions and financing details); and also

7. Lastly, to the website’s expert advisers, including, but not limited to the site’s accountants, auditors and lawyers which are all essential.

In situations when personal information is divulged, the website will endeavor to make certain that the user’s information is handled and disclosed without fail according to the National Privacy Principles along with any and all applicable privacy laws and regulations.

The website may utilize independent companies to tabulate and evaluate web usage across this site by users. This tracking records the enumerated core information on usage of browsers:

1. How many page views or page impressions were made;

2. How many were unique visitors with different IP addresses;

3. The length of time these unique visitors on average spent on the site;

4. The usual entry and exit points while browsing the site.

Such collective, non-personal information is assembled and given to the website’s owners to help them in evaluating usage of this site. This information is likewise seen by media groups and research firms for them to conduct industry comparative studies versus other websites.


Advertisements & Promotions

A few advertisements like “banner” type ads which we see promoted on this site are displayed on the behalf of the website by 3rd party advertising firms. Any confidential information like names, address, email address or telephone numbers are not collected or are used while there is advertising, although, in behalf of the site, the third party advertiser could place or distinguish a particular internet cookie on the user’s web browser. Such an internet cookie will not collate personal information about the user nor is it connected to any confidential data about any user of the site.

Regarding information the user provides in public areas like ratings, reviews and/or forums

Every bit of information the user posts on the site like ratings, reviews and opinions on the discussion boards and/or posts or messages in chat rooms or similar portions of the site are deemed public information by its very nature. Although the site endeavors to protect and respect the user’s confidentiality, it cannot ensure the security of every piece of info a user divulges or posts such areas of the site.


Essential Information Regarding Internet Privacy

Users should keep in mind to close the web browser when they have completed the session. It will ensure that other users will not be able to access the user’s information and any messages if it is a public or shared computer such as in a library or internet café anywhere. The user as an individual is solely responsible for his or her security and accessibility to their personal computer.

At any time the user freely divulges personal data over the World Wide Web this data will be accumulated and used by other entities. Hence, when the user posts personal info in any public forums or discussion boards, the user could get unsolicited advertisements from other entities in return. In the end, the user is still solely responsible for his or her secrecy and that of the user’s name and any passwords used as well as all account data.


Resolving User Privacy Concerns

Should the user have any concerns he or she wishes to raise with the website, or may wish to confer about any and all concerns about the Privacy Policy, then the user is advised to do so by emailing the site at The site will strive to reply to the user’s inquiry within 7 days. Should an examination be necessary the site will keep the user updated on a regular basis.


Additional Information on Privacy

If you wish to gain additional information regarding privacy concerns in Australia, browse the Australian Federal Privacy Commissioner’s site at


Alterations to the Privacy Policy

The website can add new pages and features to this site’s different areas at any time, by authorization of Concrete Driveways Sydney. The site will also constantly appraise the Privacy Policy to make certain that it provides protection to user’s privacy while sustaining the user experience on the site. The website also helps users to always to review the Privacy Policy to know if any changes have been published.


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