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Repairing Your Concrete in Sydney

Most types of concrete driveways done in Sydney will, after a few years, have a tendency to get cracks because of high usage and various other reasons. If you need to repair your concrete or driveway but don’t know of any concrete contractors in Sydney then you can either start searching, otherwise read this article to learn How To Do a Concrete Driveway Repair Job on your own. Just adhere to the simple directions. The majority of concrete is composed of either cement or asphalt. But nowadays, concrete is the better alternative since it can provide various decorative choices. Allow your concrete to look beautiful with no need to use up all of your savings. How good the materials are as well as with the workmanship done can guarantee a lengthy use of your concrete for years to come.

How To Repair Your Concrete

Here are the materials you’ll need to buy from a Sydney Concrete Supplier in order to repair your concrete:

• One cleaning solution

• A set of trowels

• One bucket with 5-gallon liquid capacity

• A good pressure hose

• One mixing paddle

• Quality concrete resurfacing substances

• One extended handle for mixing

• Plenty of clean water

• One cordless drill for mixing quickly

• A water pressure washer for quick cleaning

• One float for leveling the concrete

• One good and sturdy dust broom

• And one rubber squeegee that has a long handle


Instructions for Concrete Repair

First step, with a water power washer, completely clean the whole concrete area you have, whether it’s a driveway, footpath or otherwise. Add a specifically manufactured masonry cleaning solution to the reservoir of the power washer and mix it with the water. As you clean the entire concrete area, ensure that you pay extra attention to places where cracks are formed and remove all collected soil and other debris from those parts of the concrete. When the dirt isn’t removed from the cracks, it’s possible that the sealant will not stick properly and seal that crack in the pavement.

Next, try to make a guess at the depth and size of the cracks and approximate the amount of concrete mix you need to cover them with. Following this, fill water in the 5-gallon bucket and blend it with the cement resurfacing substance. Since the preparation time for the concrete blend is insignificant, you can make more later on if needed. Continue blending these ingredients inside your bucket and use the cordless drill with its attached mixing paddle to mix it up until becomes thick and looks similar to pudding or thick soup.

The third step, stuff each of the cracks using the concrete mixture you have prepared and then use a trowel to press this mix right and tight into all of the cracks. When all of the cracks are full of the mixture, get that float and drag it over the surface to make it smoother. Allow the cracks to cure for approximately 14 or even 16 hours, for some a full 24 hours.

For the following day, ready a water and Concrete Resurfacing mixture in your bucket –except for this time – produce a thinner mix by using additional water and not the resurfacing substance. Now spray water on the entire concrete driveway with your hose quite well. Put in all of the mixtures you just prepared on the whole top, now utilize that a rubber squeegee to spread it evenly and completely. Make sure that all parts of the driveway are enveloped by this mix.

Lastly, if you want the surface to have a textured appearance, sweep it with a broom. The technique will also enable your concrete to have more traction even when it’s wet or icy. Put in an external handle on your broom handle to allow you to reach even the other sides of the cement. Let your concrete driveway cure for 6 to 8 hours, by then it can be used properly. The car can be used after one whole day has elapsed.

All of the expenses for Sydney Concrete Repair when we DIY it can be a lot less since one would be spending only on the materials required for repairing those cracks and splits. The only issue with doing it yourself and not hiring a professional concrete contractor in Sydney would be the amount of time you will spend to complete the job, in addition to time fixing or redoing any possible errors on your part. Although, when you need to have it done by a professional, then any expenses should be approximately $4 to $8 for each square foot, also based on how much damage and the general size of the concrete. Your repair of the concrete -when done correctly- will make it good for more than 8 to 12 years with no problems when used properly, regardless of what kind of Sydney weather it endures.  If you would like to Find Professional Concrete Repair Companies in Sydney then visit

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  1. Concrete driveway repair- I have a 20 year old driveway and one side is subsiding by approximately 3 cm on one end and some 0.5 cm on one side. I need it clean it and fill some hairline cracks. What is the cheapest way of raising the concrete that has sag? I checked with the urethane guys and the price is almost the cost of a new drive way? Is it possible to just overlay the old stencil design with a new one? The old stencil design is fade and in some sections it has eroded. The design is not available in the market anymore. Is it possible to cover the old stencil with some materials and lay a new stencil design? If this is the case it is just possible for me to use the same material to add 3 cm cap on the sections that have sagged?

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