Why Resurfacing Concrete Is The Best Way To Repair Old Cement

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The Benefits Of Resurfaced Concrete

Spray On Concrete Resurfacing is a great way to make old concrete look like new. There are several different methods and products to choose from if you would like to resurface concrete at your home. Resurfacing concrete is a well known and simple job that contractors will do for homeowners since it enables customers to get a new cement surface for just a small amount of the cost of what a whole new cement slab will cost. This idea is not actually new, in fact, it’s getting more popular in commercial jobs and public roadways. A lot of public roadways are installing brand new thin cement overlays as this has recently been recognized as an important component when Resurfacing Concrete In Sydney.

Looking at it another way, the items that are used to resurface concrete are available everywhere and are low costing. Most contractors who need to make resurfacing material, only need Portland cement, medium or coarse sand and some clean water to mix it all together. When the concrete resurfacing needs to be more than an inch thick, some small rounded pea gravel may also be necessary for the mix to be strong enough.

For Sydney homeowners who either do not or cannot mix their own Spray On Concrete Resurfacing materials, then

it’s also possible to get premixed products which are sold in a bag or a bucket to just mix together manually, however you must keep in mind that many of those pre-mixed items are quite thin, and could not cover up large holes or cracked and scaled areas in a seriously damaged concrete surface. Concrete scaling damage will later occur as a top thin layer scales off the surface of cement, and exposes aggregates which are in the mixture.

Ways to Ensure That Your Resurfaced Concrete Job Is Done Correctly

Using thick Resurfaced Cement patches can disguise any deep depressions or badly damaged in the pavement. For your perusal, listed below you will find some secrets to making your Concrete Resurfacing project durable for many years to come:

1. Take away all loose cement

2. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the surface

3. Resurface concrete only if the air temperature is between 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit

4. Begin your concrete resurfacing project only during an overcast day that has no wind

5. Keep the old cement moist and put on a thin layer of cement paste prior to installing the Spray On Resurfacing material which has already been prepared beforehand.

FYI, Concreters in Sydney will usually mix their own Spray On Concrete Resurfacing material for a thin overlay by mixing 3 parts sand to 1 part Portland cement ratio. They use sufficient water to create the right consistency for the mixture the same as bricklayer’s mortar consistency. When they have to add any small pea gravel for a Resurfaced Concrete mixture that is more than one inch thick, they will mix 3 parts gravel, 2 parts sand and 1.5 parts Portland cement to make it stronger and more durable for larger holes. We hope you have enjoyed this article about Spray-on Resurfacing. If you’d like to Find The Top Concrete Resurfacing Contractors In Sydney then visit www.SydneyConcreters.com.au/resurfacing

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  1. If you were thinking about repairing some old broken concrete then I suggest you first have the foundation checked for integrity. The reason I suggest this is that sometimes when concrete or cement is broken or cracked, the reason is that the actual foundation itself has been compromised. If this is the case then you will need to have the old cement lifted, discarded and then completely relayed from the ground up.

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