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Making Your Spray On Concrete Driveway Look Professional

For pure convenience, a homeowner or business owner can have a spray on concrete driveway installed which is just as strong and durable as conventional concrete.

There are lots of elements that might really make your spray-on concrete driveway look run down such as stains, dirt, moss, algae and other chemicals. Having lovely looking pavements and driveways may turn out to be the source of accidents and danger as moss can really become slippery. The local weather and rain may also worsen the increase of dirt and moss if these concretes are not cleaned and maintained properly.

Although spray-on concrete driveways can absolutely be relied upon when it comes to home enhancements, in time this look will fade and then its value and pleasant effects will also be reduced significantly. This is the time when we really need to consider getting its reliability and beauty back and revived. This is similar to those withering flowers that need to be watered; spray on concrete driveways also requires the care that they should have. Spray on concrete driveways has been developed as a means of reviving your concretes to make it look like brand new again and even better with colours and textures if we want them.

What Can We Use To Liven Up Spray On Concrete Driveways?

A particular spray on concrete that is usually done on home and business concretes that you have is the Spray-top. Contractors choose it because it is not difficult to use and apply to a faded, stained or discolored concrete driveway. This is certainly an innovative polymer cement product which is the solution to your discoloured concrete problems and is just perfect for a spray-on concrete driveway.

The use of spray on concrete driveway products can be combined with the use of other materials like products which create a surface polymer concrete swirl-finish texture and urethane-based clear sealing agents. This is just similar when you had your new spray concrete driveway installed and we can even select which designs we prefer or what color we desire in order to harmonize the theme of our homes to that of our spray on concrete driveways. These days, it is no longer impossible when you just know how to decide on which quality products to use which is cost effective as well.

The Concrete Spraying Process

The process of installing a spray-on concrete driveway involves some procedures such as getting rid of any foreign materials like paint, old sealer, mortar etc., grinding of rough edges, trip hazards and repair of holes from old posts etc., grinding of cracks, depending on what cracks are present, acid washing or high pressure cleaning of area, repair of cracks.

This will also include steps such as the following; masking of walls etc. to prevent overspray of product damaging other surfaces, application of primer to surface, leveling of surface like if going over exposed aggregate, spraying of base coat in grout line colour, placement of stencil pattern, spraying of main colour which usually two coats are applied, spraying of border colour, removal of stencil and cleaning of the spray on concrete driveway.

Lastly, the finished spray on concrete project requires the application of sealants which usually two coats are applied, area is partitioned off and can have no traffic on it for approximately five to seven days, this may be walked on softly in 2-5 hours depending on drying conditions and area should be resealed approximately every three years depending on the frequency of use the spray concrete driveway endures on a regular basis.

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