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The Art Of Stamping Concrete

In houses everywhere, stamped concrete driveways are getting all the attention and enhancing curbside aesthetics as a paving treatment. But it can also be used in swimming pool decks, concrete pathways, patios and all kinds of entryways, very often as a better choice than pavers, bricks or even natural stone. Even for residents and customers in Sydney, a lot of homes and business establishments have had stamped concrete driveways installed for years.

This is all possible regardless of the weather and temperatures, a carefully installed stamped concrete driveway is capable of the same longevity, strength, and durability that plain concrete is capable of. Because it has adequate reinforcement, this can also endure the weight of large vehicles and heavy foot traffic on its surface area. Through these amazing traits, stamped concrete driveways are also the best option for making public places look better, like public or private parks, commercial centers, hotel lobbies, parking centers, public zoos and of course, your residential driveway.

While we usually see stamped concrete in driveways and in indoor floors, more customers are now realizing the many applications for stamped concrete alone in the interiors of buildings and rooms. A few of the other applications are:

* Stamping concrete driveways with designs of tiles, slate texture, cobblestones and also timber designs even on entryways, kitchen areas and basements as well.

* Making driveways as well as walls and/ or fireplaces that have vertical concrete stamps on them. The patterns are made on are very light cement-based mixtures which can be installed thickly onto walled surfaces and they won’t get take off, this makes it easy for them to be imprinted with very deep designs which resemble stone.

* Making additional ornamental patterns on concrete countertops, bar tops and bathroom areas. This can also be used in small flourishes, examples are delicate leaf imprints, which can create a nice effect since these surfaces can be set at eye level and any details are easily seen.

* Also, it is effective in renewing frequently used concrete driveways with polymer-modified overlays that can be used for stamping concrete. These provide the same design choices as traditional stamped concrete and are faster to use.

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