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Stamped Concrete Driveway Installation Step-by-step Guide

Here is a brief introduction to how a stamped concrete driveway is installed:

  1. Concrete is mixed and poured correctly. The concrete slab must be no less than 4 inches thick to be durable.
  2. Adding The Colour . Colour is added in the concrete mixer and/or after placing the concrete. The first way is known as integral colouring while the second way is known as broadcast or surface colouring. Broadcast colouring means evenly seeding dry colour over the concrete surface.
  3. Spraying The Release Agent. A release agent enables the texturizing mats to be removed from the concrete without marring the surface.
  4. Laying The Pattern Mats On the concrete driveway. The texturizing mats are laid successively on the surface. Because there are normally insufficient mats to cover the whole concrete surface, as one is completed it is applied to another part of the slab.
  5. 24 hour period for drying and curing.
  6. After the 24 hour period, washing off and removal of the release agent.
  7. Application of clear sealing substances on the entire concrete surface.


A stamped concrete driveway, also known as a patterned concrete driveway or an imprinted driveway, is simply a concrete driveway which has been installed and treated to look like bricks, slates, flagstones, natural stone, tiles and even timber or wood planking. In this part of the article we will discuss how stamped concrete may be utilized to also enhance pool decks, entryways, courtyards along with indoor floors in kitchens, pantries, patios and courtyards to name a few.

Since there is a big range of selections with regards to stamped concrete driveway patterns, stamped concrete driveway colours, and also the prices of stamped, or imprinted concrete driveways while considering the material it is replicating, choosing a stamped concrete driveway as a cost effective alternative is gaining more popularity each year.

Many colours and designs for a stamped concrete driveway are sometimes selected to mix with other stone, tile or textured concrete parts at the home. Complicated designs which have steps, courtyards, and water works may be attained when patterns are imprinted onto the concrete surface.

Concrete driveway stamps may also be used with additional decorative concrete materials like exposed aggregate finishes and acid-etch staining, as well as particular patterns, like running bond bricks, hexagonal tiles, weathered rocks or stones. Concrete gives us the ideal canvas for making a cost-effective copy of more expensive materials but also sustaining a very natural and genuine appearance of the material it is copying.


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