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Stamped Concrete Driveway Maintenance Tips

Apart from the value that a stamped concrete driveway adds to the home, there is also concrete’s innate strength and longevity to last many years and possibly tens of years. Just like traditional pavement that has been laid and cured properly – a stamped concrete driveway can provide years of usage when carefully and accurately made and cleaned regularly. Even when exposed to severe winter weather conditions or frost-heave stretching and pulling problems underneath the concrete surface.

Contractors can now install a stamped concrete driveway which can be more durable than conventional concrete, specifically when a colour hardener will be used on the surface of the concrete driveway. A hardener provides more than just colour infusion. A hardener also enables the surface to become stronger and improve its ability to withstand scratches and water permeation and seepage.

A lot of stamped concrete driveway installers regularly apply many coats of protective sealing agents to stamped concrete driveways to inhibit the onslaught of soil, dust, deicing compounds like road salt, motor oil and grease stains, along with different substances. Good quality sealants not only allow the concrete to be more convenient to maintain and clean up – sealants also provide extra advantages like bringing out the colour of the concrete and inhibiting any colour weakening due to sunlight exposure on a daily basis.

However, while the pavement is carefully sealed a stamped concrete driveway does necessitate periodic maintenance and cleaning to keep it intact and in use for many years. This will depend on how much exterior exposure it receives and the kind and quantity of vehicular and or foot traffic it undergoes daily. A good quality sealing agent will inhibit any stains, but we must always have a stamped concrete driveway cleaned and washed regularly to stop the dirt and stains from accumulating. Stamped driveways may also be pressure washed or even a soft scrubbing can be good combined with a neutral detergent. Stamped concrete driveways in Sydney would typically last 10 or more years at an average when maintained properly.

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