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Adding Base Colours To Your Stamped Concrete Driveway

A base colour is the chief colour painted on concrete to create a stamped concrete driveway. The base colour is hand-picked to show the colour of the natural construction material we want to replicate. The base colour is made by pouring a colour hardener onto the surface of the concrete.

A colour hardener is sold as a powder and mixed together with solvents to colour the concrete surface completely. A colour hardener is normally applied by making use of 1 of 2 processes; one is called integral colour or cast-on colour. This integral colouring is the step wherein the complete piece of concrete is painted with the base colour effectively. This whole concrete driveway slab is coloured by pouring the colour hardening compound into a cement mixer, allowing all of the concrete being mixed to acquire the same colour all throughout.

Whereas cast-on colour is the method in which the concrete surface is given the base colour during the curing. The concrete surface is coloured by seeding the hardener onto the main surface of the fresh concrete and seeding the powder onto the surface of the freshly poured driveway.

Actually, all concrete surfaces could be coloured in a lot of methods; the most popular are colour hardeners, integral colouring or powdered colouring, acid staining and a whole lot more ways. This technique of integrally colouring a concrete surface is advantageous because the complete slab an be coloured; even though, how strong the surface stays the same even with the use of colour hardening chemicals. We may also choose the dry shake colour hardening compound which is one more effective method for colouring the stamp for the concrete driveway.

Workers will simply distribute the hardener on the surface of the concrete once it’s floated for the first application. And then they let the bleed water seep into the hardener where they float it and start the use of the trowel to apply it properly. Such a method will work about 3/16 of an inch depth on the surface as it allows the concrete surface to be more durable and long lasting.



An accent colour is known as a supplemental colour added during the stamp concrete driveway process. It is a colour utilized to create texturizing and to display more of the building materials such as grout or stone aggregates within the stamped concrete driveway. An accent colour is made by applying colour release agents on the concrete surface. A colour release agents have 2 purposes; a colour release agent is a pigment used to colour the concrete surface and the colour release agent is a non-adhesive applied to inhibit the concrete stamps from being too sticky and causing damage to its upper layer.

This colour release agent can be applied by using 1 of 2 ways depending on the two forms it is produced in, one is the powdered or cast-on colour release that is made from calcium-releasing powders which can stop water from seeping in; and the second is a liquid, a light aromatic-based solvent solution and can be sprayed-on as a colour release agent. The cast-on colour release process applies when the powder colour release agent is used by seeding the colour release agent on the top layer of the concrete prior to the actual stamping of a concrete driveway. The spray-on colour release stage is the phase where liquid colour release agent is applied to the stamping side of the concrete stamps before the concrete driveway stamping.

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