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Why Is Stamped Concrete Becoming So Popular?

Most customers and homeowners are quite impressed at the designs which stamped concrete can create on a driveway. Stamped concrete driveways are one of those home remodeling methods which seems to be even more popular today and we can now understand why.

In the first years of concrete driveway stamping, the products created were not very appealing to look at. There were costly commercial applications which looked great, but they were hard to install. Though in recent years, better and more effective methods for creating texture and colouring have allowed homeowners to specific stamped concrete driveways in the designs we want.

Creating a stamped concrete driveway means pouring a slab of concrete for use as the driveway and other similar applications, and then stamping concrete designs and textures on the surface of the concrete prior to letting it set. In the past, simpler versions of stamped driveways could sometimes copy other designs.

However, the latest kinds of concrete driveway stamps imprint textures which mimic various textures such as cobbles, bricks, pavers, timber, seashells, and a lot more which can be great to look at. Lastly, colour is always added to the stamped concrete driveway to effectively mimic the appearance of those natural building materials.

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