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Stamped Concrete Driveway Fundamentals

For the last few years, stamped concrete driveways have gained even more popularity with the introduction of newer techniques and more elaborate designs which are very pleasing to look at and yet are quite cost efficient and easy to maintain.

To put it simply, stamped driveways are composed of concrete which is decorative and has additional texture or marks to appear similar to natural bricks, slates, flagstones, river stones, tiles, timber and wood planking, as well as a lot of various patterns and textured surfaces. Stamped concrete is typically used in patios, sidewalks, pool decks, and interior flooring spaces but it is highly advisable for driveways as well. The qualities of stamped concrete at being able to mimic the look of other materials enables stamped concrete driveways to be a cheap but durable choice rather than using expensive natural materials such as stone, slate or bricks for your driveway.

Stamped concrete requires 3 processes to create it properly that makes it different from other concrete techniques or decorative applications; the base colour adding, accent colour adding, and the actual stamping of the concrete surface with a pattern or design. These 3 processes give stamped concrete the colours and forms which mimic the natural building materials that are used today. The driveways last longer but still copies the appearance we want even after many years of usage.



 This method of stamping concrete driveways became very popular during the 1970’s since it was shown during the World of Concrete industrial fair. Many construction companies saw it as the latest technique to make clients satisfied aesthetically and keep them within their budgets simultaneously. Stamped concrete driveways and other flooring has been applied for the last 5 decades and should continue to be popular.

As it all started, stamping concrete only had a small number of selections with regards to patterns and colours to choose from. But as the market developed more and more stamped concrete driveway designs were also invented as did the various kinds of stains to enhance them and the amazing colours which are available in today’s market. The additional benefit of applying stamp concrete on driveways is that it can be used on diverse surfaces and textures and not just driveways, roads, outside patios, decks, and also indoor floors inside residences.

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