Everything You Should Know About Stamped Concrete

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All About Stamping Concrete For Homes

One of the most beautiful and highly economical ways to improve the appearance of ordinary concrete surfaces is by stamping concrete. Here we will learn all there is to know about Stamped Concrete and Concrete Stamps. The technique of stamping gained widespread use in the 70s as it was initially introduced during the World of Cement convention and fair. Contractors saw it as an innovative method to satisfy homeowners and client and allow their budget to not go over at the same time. This method on how to stamp concrete has been performed for the last 50 years and will continue to be popular. During the first years of cement stamps, there were only a small number of options in terms of design and coloured concrete styles available.

Although, as the market grew additional stamp concrete designs were also developed as well as various kinds of stains to provide us the lustrous colours that are available in today’s industry. One more benefit of using stamped concrete, is that it can be used on various surfaces and textures like driveways, highways, patios, pool decks, and also indoor flooring and walls of the house.

Stamped Concrete Details

In simple terms, stamped concrete is just cement which is ornate and/or has more texture or marked to look like

natural bricks, slates, flagstones, river stones, tiles, wood or timber, and many different designs and textured surfaces. Concrete Stamps are normally applied to patios, sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, and interior flooring spaces. The capability of stamp concrete to mimic the look of other construction materials allows the stamped style to be a cost effective choice instead of using those expensive natural materials like stone, slate or brick faces.

This technique makes use of 3 essential steps to produce Stamped Concrete that separate it from other techniques or decorative treatments; the adding of a base colour, adding an accent coloured concrete, and stamping the actual pattern onto the surface. These 3 steps give stamp concrete the colours and shapes the same as the natural building materials we use. It is likewise more durable and still resembles the appearance it creates even after long years of usage.

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  1. I’ve seen people stamp their own concrete driveways before and I did not like how it looked. What some people don’t realize is that the only thing that is more valuable than money, is time. For someone to consider stamping concrete themself, they would either have to be either broke (and therefore be unable to pay a professional to do it) or they just do not realize the concept of how precious time is. Why waste your own time to do a messy job at stamping concrete, when you could save time by paying a professional concreter in Sydney to do it properly. In the end you will have a much better looking result, the value and appearance of your home will be maintained or even improved, and ultimately you can spend your valuable time in some other area of your life where are you are personally needed.

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