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Great ideas for Stamped Concrete Driveways

Because a stamped concrete driveway is made to look like natural building materials such as bricks, slate, flagstones, cobblestones many more textured surfaces, natural stone can be expensive and necessitate extra maintenance than a stamped concrete driveway. This makes stamped concrete more cost effective and quite easy to attain the look we want. As concrete is the most widely used surface in driveways, courtyards, patios and many more – stamped concrete driveways have gained even more popularity for installing one of a kind patterns and textures.

The 2 most widely used stamped concrete driveway designs are cobblestone and ashler slate look. Many stamped concrete installers have their own stamp concrete patterns depending on what has been the most widely used in their locale.

Examples of stamped concrete driveway textures

Driveways which look like cobblestones with a random and interlocking look which has a surface texture that looks naturally worn, flat cobblestones. The edges are irregular and all corners are rounded. One of the most widely used driveway stamps today.

Concrete Driveways which appear to be made of English York Stone is also randomly interlocked. The surface texture is that of natural, fractured stone. And also with edges and corners which are broken and rounded. This will prove to be a very classic look for a driveway.

Or a driveway which has a fractured slate that is similarly random and interlocking, its surface texture is that of natural, fractured slate. With edges that are straight and corners which are square and even uniform in level.

Stamped concrete driveway in Ashler stone is also random and interlocking with a surface texture that is rough, split, natural stone with edges that are sharp and corners which are square and almost geometric.


Stamped Concreting Tips

How about a driveway that looks like Pine timber? With interlocking planks that have a surface texture that is like lightly sandblasted pine boards. The edges are beveled along the length of each board and the ends are saw-cut with corners that are squared off so there are no rough edges.

There is also the cobblestone look in a Sorrento pattern has the surface texture which is that of naturally worn, flat cobblestones with edges that are irregular and corners are always rounded and smooth, making this one of the most popular.

One of the more popular is the natural stones /rock garden look that has a surface texture which is smooth, natural flat garden stones. And the edges of the stones are rounded and worn to look weathered and authentic.

Sandstone driveway look is another random and interlocking pattern with a surface texture that is like rough, natural sandstone the edges of the floor is rounded and worn-looking to mimic real sandstone perfectly.

There is the limestone with a European fan style driveway look that has a surface texture that looks like a split, natural stone. The edges of this design are irregular with a hand-chiseled look and all corners are rounded to help avoid injury and roughness.

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