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Estimating The Approximate Price For Your Stamped Concrete Project

Initially, the costs to have a stamped concrete driveway made will vary a lot and can be based on many factors like the costs of building materials and the cost of hiring workers in the area where it is planned and how complicated or elaborate the project intended is.

On the average, installers charge approximately 8 to 12 dollars per square foot when installing simple designs for a stamped concrete driveway and that means using just 1 pattern and colour for the whole surface. This can go up to 18 dollars or more concrete driveway stamping cost per square foot for the more detail specific designs which need special colouring jobs, like manually-applied stains and sealers to make the design stand out.

Although the cost of a stamped concrete driveway could exceed that for an asphalt driveway or plain concrete, it’s still much lower compared to the cost of installing natural stones and real bricks or precast pavers for one’s driveway. The chief reason for this is the price of hiring experienced professionals to do the job. Many installers also find it more cheap to install new concrete and then install a stamped concrete driveway pattern rather than hauling and placing individual paving materials manually which is time consuming and difficult.

Bear in mind that our preliminary cost for a stamped concrete driveway is just a minor element of the total cost of the entire project. Here are some additional factors to think about:

  • Duration of life and ease of maintenance. When properly cared for, concrete is able to last longer and needs only a minimum of upkeep than most other paving treatments or materials. This can add up to savings over it’s lifetime.
  • Improves the resale value of the property. A stamped concrete driveway enhances curb appeal and visual aesthetics to the house. We can sell the house at a much higher price than what we paid for it originally.

When you have a limited budget for this project, you may still have the option to create some very good results by enhancing a stamped concrete driveway with areas of less-costly plain concrete, such as having a driveway made with just the edges in a stamped concrete driveway pattern. It’s also possible to have the work done in stages over a definite length of time. You can choose to begin work with the front of the concrete driveway and foot path for the initial year and then the rest of the driveway in the following year. Just being smart and willing to wait will help us maximize profit and keep costs down.



Lots of homeowners may ask this question and the truth is, it is not a good idea. The procedure of pouring and setting stamped concrete driveways requires a lot of skills and experience. You also need specialty equipment and at least 4 laborers who are all trained and know what to expect in order to do it. Just avoid any disappointment and hire a reliable stamped concrete company which is has all the experience and skill needed to install your stamped concrete driveway properly.


Most people agree that it’s personal and may be based on the opinion of the person viewing the driveway, though some people are also objective. Looking at it may seem like the real thing. Some stamped concrete driveway can try to copy the appearance of outdoor wood plank flooring or driveway. It looks great by itself; however it will never be mistaken for the real and natural stones or pavers and any other natural building material. We may wish to choose a stamped concrete driveway which isn’t attempting too much to replicate something that it isn’t. A stamped concrete driveway may come in lots of patterns, textures, and colours available today.

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