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Concrete stencils can be installed by utilizing many different kinds of well known designs which range from running-bond brick to stone, slate and tile. The stencils which come in rolls that appear similar to package paper, and one roll has an average of 3 feet width and may be available in 335 feet of length for about 1,000 square feet of space. All of the paper stencils are composed of moderately thick, tear-resistant special paper coated with a water-resistant layering to prevent easy breakage. A few stencil concrete designs may consist of mortar joint and the brick or stones added in as a design feature.

If you wish to install a stencil crete driveway which is very personalized or create a concrete surface that’s really very special to you, this is where a stencil stands out for its quality of being customized according to your own desired pattern. Nowadays, lots of companies make use of computer-designed stencils and computer-managed cutting machines to create a stencil which exactly duplicate your own personal designs, a company logo or art works in some cases.

A lot of stencil manufacturers, some even in Sydney, can provide numerous patterns of concrete stencils, and some of them even offer made-to-order stencil crete patterns. They also offer adhesive-type vinyl masking designs not just for concrete driveways but for other concreted areas. Companies like this have a staff of artists who can modify any basic pattern based on the customer’s desires or create a custom design from just the imagination to mimic artwork.


For stone or brick stencil crete designs, using a texture roller or a seamless texture skin can give the driveway surface more realism and a mildly textured surface profile. If using tile patterns, workers will not have to texture the slab. Rather, trowelling can be done for smoothing over any slight rises or low areas.

Prior to texturing, workers use a liquid or powdered form of antiquing release substance and apply it to the concrete surface. If the driveway slab is hard enough to endure the roller’s weight but still moist to receive the texture, workers can start to go over the whole slab while using the roller. As the roller makes imprints on the surface, the pigment creates subtle colourings which appear to be natural colour differences. Stencilled concrete product makers sell rollers that have various textures to enable contractors to create many kinds of effects for decorating concrete driveways.

Once the slab has been textured, workers can start removing the stencil crete. Usually, the final strip of stencil placed is taken out first, with one worker on either side of the driveway and raising the stencil straight up from both ends. When the stencil is entirely free from the surface, workers can just place it to one side and they can either throw it away if made or paper or clean it up and keep it if its made of plastic or vinyl material.

After 24 hours from pouring of the concrete, workers can rinse off the release agent, begin the saw cuts for the control joints and start sealing the driveway surface. After another 24 hours, the release solution is swept away from the driveway slab. After that they completely clean the driveway with a pressurized water hose and saw crack needed control joints for bigger areas like driveways and even patios. After the application of the concrete driveway sealer you will have your very own stencilled concrete driveway. But before we get to that, we need to learn a few more things.



 Imitation terracotta tiles are another great choice for that concrete driveway. These exude a warm, earth-colored look which replicates a simple Tuscan appearance and will promote warmth to the whole residence. The Stencil Concrete can copy a tiled look. Contractors also use paint to make a faux mosaic floor similar to old Roman villas that look like they cam from the early centuries of history.



 Quite a few stencil makers for installing a stencil crete driveway provide a huge array of off-the-shelf stencil patterns as design options. We can now choose from running-bond or Herringbone, brick, to cobblestone, flagstone or an octagonal tile pattern. For a lot of driveway installations, particularly big driveways which look great in designs like brick, a stock design can be the best, most practical along with low cost option, due to the fact that such designs are generally available as long rolls or sheets in bulk.



This stencil crete is positioned and pressed a strip at a time. Since the stencils can be die cut, the strips need to be positioned in a particular way to make sure there is pattern continuity, the same as aligning strips of patterned wallpaper in nice rooms. When the whole slab is already covered, workers simply cut it with some scissors and trim the stencil pattern to approximately 1/8 of an inch within the wood boards which create the form they enable the stencil to expand momentarily. Then a bull float, which is a flat smooth float used for smoothing concrete specifically will be used to level off the borders.

Next, workers hand distribute colour hardener on top of the surface according to product maker’s suggested speed and amount and work that into the concrete driveway slab using the bullfloat. Such procedure needs to be accomplished as soon as possible after the placement of the stencil as the concrete surface should have sufficient moisture to be absorbed by the colour hardener solution.

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