Thanks for browsing the Concrete Driveways Sydney website. This Concreters site was created for all customers and is dependent on your compliance with stated terms and conditions which are discussed below in the “Conditions of Use” potion of the site. Make sure to peruse this document thoroughly prior to gaining access or utilizing the Concrete Driveways Sydney database. If you lawfully gain access or start using this website, you therefore agree to be bound by it’s Conditions of Use terms. Should you not wish to be legally bound by its Conditions of Use, you will not be allowed access or make use of the site mentioned.

Any references made below using the terms Concrete Driveways Sydney, The Concreters and/or Sydney Driveways all pertain to the website SydneyConcreters.com.au


Alteration of these Conditions of Use Terms and Conditions

Concrete Driveways Sydney has the right to alter the stipulations, provisions, and any notices during any period it wishes, and any changes will be in effect as soon as these changes are posted on the website. Viewers and users are hence solely responsible for periodically understanding these Conditions of Use and any added terms or notices which have been posted on the Concreters website. The continued access of this site shall be considered irrefutable acceptance of the adapted Conditions of Use.


Privacy Policies Of Sydney Concreters

Visitors are encouraged to read and understand the Privacy Policy, this also dictates your visit to Concrete Driveways website and to fully comprehend our policies about the usage and revelation of your private or personal information on the web.


Communications via Electronic Means

As you browse the Concrete Driveways website or send an electronic message to us, this is considered electronic communications, and hence you are accepting the terms to receive similar messages from the site also electronically or by other means that the website uses. The organization will communicate with you by electronic means, and also by telephones or by facsimile machines. You likewise understand that any and all agreements, notices, disclosures and other messages which we provide to you electronically will satisfy any and all legal necessities and that these particular messages in written form.


Licenses and Copyright

Every detail and content of this website, which includes but is not limited to: the text, graphics, logos, button icons used, Flash movies or videos, pictures or images, possible audio clips, digital downloads, data compilations, and software, are the sole property of Sydney Concreters, its providers and or its customers who are protected by all applicable Australian and International copyright and trademark laws and regulations. It not legal to modify, copy or reproduce, republish, upload, make post, send, or spread any section of this website and its contents without the stated written permission from the Driveway Concreters.

It is possible to print or download sections of the materials coming from different portions of this website entirely for personal non-commercial usage so long as you agree not to alter or remove any copyrighted or proprietary information from the materials which were printed or downloaded. Should you feel that any content which appears on the website is in violation of certain laws or is a copyright infringement of another parties’ privileges and rights, then please communicate this to us as soon as possible along with information of the violation.


Granting Of License and Website Access

Concrete Driveways Sydney permits you a partial license to have access of and personally use this website but not to download, apart from page caching purposes, or to change it, or any section or part of it, except when you have stated and written permission from the Concreters.

This internet-based site or any section of it may not be replicated, copied, adapted, reproduced, sold or resold, sent to or in any way used for any commercial purpose without any stated written permission from the Sydney Concreters.

Users are not allowed to frame, or use any framing methods to enfold any brand, badge, or other proprietary data which includes pictures or images, text, flash movies or videos, page layout, or any form of the Concrete Driveways Sydney without the stated and written permission of the Concreters.

Users are also encouraged not to use META tags or any form of hidden texts which use the name Concrete Driveways Sydney or any form of the name of the domain without the stated and written permission of the Sydney Concreters.

Users also understand and agreed that the Concreters will not and do not ensure or warrant that files which have been posted on the website for downloading via the Sydney Concreters website are all free from infection of spam-ware, malware viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other malicious software which has contaminating or destructive qualities. The user has the sole responsibility for using and applying adequate safeguards and processes to make sure that any files downloaded via the Sydney Concreters website do not have such software code which can cause serious malfunctions. Concrete Driveways Sydney cannot be held liable for any malfunctions or damages of any way shape or form, from the using this website, this includes, though is not limited to the direct or indirect, incidental, punitive and consequential damages incurred from using it. Concrete Driveways Sydney presupposes no legal responsibility or accountability for any errors in typo or other mistakes or omissions in the website’s content.


Policies On Third Party Links

Any and all linked websites to ours are not managed or under the control of the Sydney Concreters. Similarly, Concrete Driveways Sydney is not liable for any contents from any and all links or also any link found in a linked site to this one. Any posts links on the site only as an added convenience, and adding such links will not imply or constitute official support by the Sydney Concreters of this website.


Laws which may be applicable

As you browse and use the Concrete Driveways Sydney site, you have agreed to the laws and regulations of the country of Australia & also the State of NSW, with no need for regard to the principles of conflict of other laws, which will govern these Conditions of Use terms and any disagreement of any form which could occur involving the user (you) and the Sydney Concreters.


Disputes Which Can Occur

Any and all disagreements connected in any way, shape or form with your use or access of the Concrete Driveways Sydney website or with any and all products and/or services you may have bought via the website will be submitted to binding arbitration in the country of Australia, with the exception that, to the extent that the user has in any way, shape or form, violated or made threats to violate Sydney Concreters’ proprietary rights, the Concreters could ask for an injunction or other proper relief in any province, state or federal court within the country of Australia.


Possible Indemnification

The user agrees to indemnify, protect and consider harmless the Sydney Concreters, and all of its officers, directors, proprietors, partners, employees, agents, licensors, suppliers and all or any 3rd party information supplier to the site from and against any and all losses, expenses, damages and costs, which includes all legal fees, which were the result of any violation of such Conditions of Use which also includes negligent or wrongful conduct by the user or the misuse and access of the Concrete Driveways site.


Usage Internationally

Because of the global nature of the World Wide Web or Internet, the user agrees to obey all local regulations which includes bit are not limited to, rules regarding the Internet, data, electronic-mail, personal privacy, copyrights and trademark infringement or similar violations. Moreover, the user agrees to obey all laws which are deemed applicable about the transmission of technical information brought over from Australian States or the country in which the user is a legal resident of.


Additional Provisions

Should any of these provisions be considered invalid, void, or for any and all reasons not enforceable, this provision will be considered severed and will not affect how valid or enforceable any conditions still remaining. Any and all rights not stated nor granted herein are reserved by the organization/website. Furthermore any concrete prices and concreters costs mentioned on the website are to be considered approximate quotes subject to inspection before approval.

If Concrete Driveways Sydney fails to insist the strict enforcement and adherence to any provision of the Conditions of Use stated herein will not be considered as the waiving of any and all provisions or rights. And neither the course of conduct in between the parties nor any trade policies or practices will act to change any section or component of these Conditions of Use stated herein. Sydney Driveways can assign its rights and responsibilities under the Conditions of Use stated herein to any and all parties at any point of time with no prior notice to the user.

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