Below Are The Top 10 Testimonials received by clients in Sydney.

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Client: Suzanne L.
Location: Vaucluse, Sydney
Project: Stamped Concrete Driveway with Matching Footpath, Stairs and Entryway
Area Size: 167.4sq m
Completion: 4.5 days
Comments: “Hi Leo just wanted to say that I walked over the driveway and entrance dozens of times today inspecting every bit of it and cannot fault it. Thanks so much for a job well done, you exceeded my expectations. The only bad thing I can say is that it took you a few days to get around here after I called for my free consultation, but I guess you must be busy with that promo because it’s an attractive offer.

I was worried at first because I felt it was a big decision to make, but in the end I’m very satisfied with what I got. After having this new investment home built from scratch I can tell you that most contractors promise so much just to get the job and then they under deliver, but you’re one of the rare ones who actually give more than is expected of you. Thanks again, from a very happy customer!!”

Client: Rian & Danielle N.
Location: Double Bay, Sydney
Project: Textured Concrete Driveway
Area Size: 72.8sq m
Completion: 2 days
Comments: “We waited a few months before writing this testimonial because we wanted to first see if it was true about the driveway  being resistant from stains. Since we first had the driveway done its been subjected to oil spills and a few other mistakes but we’re glad to say that it all washed off easily.

No regrets dealing with you guys. Very good service, you gave us exactly what you promised to deliver before we paid you, that’s a quality hard to find these days. See you again in future when I have another job for your team.”

Client: Dave D.
Location: Cremorne, Sydney
Project: Coloured Concrete Patio and Matching Staircase
Area Size: 48.9sq m
Completion: 3 days
Comments: “Just wanna say thanks a million for the pro service you gave me. Was surprised with how good your all round communication and service was. Will use you again. It did take you 2 days more than you said it would take but you cant control the weather. In the end Im a happy with the end result and will let my friends know about you when they’re looking for a concreter. Cheers”

Client: Wendy & Robert K.
Location: Bondi, Sydney
Project: Custom Design Concrete Entryway and Matching Footpath
Area Size: 55.6sq m
Completion: 2.5 days
Comments: “Hi I didnt expect to write a testimonial for you because that’s not usually my thing, but I’m so impressed with the value for money I got that I think you all deserve the good word.

I shopped around and must say that you didn’t give me the cheapest quote, but after comparing your work to the others I’m definitely glad that I chose you. I see what you mean about difference in quality, with yours I noticed much more attention to detail. Definitely a higher quality job, and worth the little extra money I’d say. Thanks a lot guys.”

Client: Tanya A.
Location: Bellevue Hill, Sydney
Project: Stenciled Concrete Swimming Pool Area, Matching Patio and Matching Footpath
Area Size: 88.1sq m
Completion: 3 days
Comments: “Best educational consultation ever, am so glad that I had the design consultation with you first because the style that I  was originally planning to ask for was no where near as beautiful as the ones you recommended me, so thanks again for all the good advice you shared with my husband and I. We had a look at the styles from two other contractors first but yours was by far the most extensive. Overall your a very dependable company to deal with and your communication is very good. Normally I’d have to keep calling tradesman to remind them that Im waiting for them to return my calls but Leo returned calls promptly and arrived when he said he would for the consultation and follow up inspections.

Leo, I appreciate that you finished the job faster than the quoted time-frame and that in my opinion the quality of work is just about perfect. Thanks to your team for cleaning up after themselves which is a rare trait lol. I cant thank you enough for turning a potential drama into a pleasurable experience. Am so happy thats out of the way now, quicker than I expected it to be. xx”

Client: Mark T.
Location: Neutral Bay, Sydney
Project: Stamped Concrete Driveway and Swimming Pool Area and Matching Spa Deck
Area Size: 143.3sq m
Completion: 5 days
Comments: “This is the second job I’ve had done with you guys and am impressed again so I just want to thank you in writing, and I don’t mind if you let others read this too. Remember I had the swimming pool area done with you back in 2007, well the reason I used you again is because after all these years it still looks as good as new after I hose it down. Still has the same colours without any cracks or anything like that. I know that’s what you promised but these days there is usually a difference between what salesman promise and what they actually deliver, but you kept to your promises and that I do appreciate. Now you’ve done my driveway for me and just want to thank you again for another great service from you guys. Will recommend you for sure. Best of luck”.

Client: Frank B.
Location: Castlecrag, Sydney
Project: Indoor Polished Concrete Floor
Area Size: 79.9sq m
Completion: 2.5 days
Comments: “Thanks heaps Leo for offering to come all the way out here and giving a great service from start to finish. Glad to have consulted with you before going ahead with my project because you informed me of so many important points that I hadn’t considered. In the end your price was not as cheap as some others but from talking to you I had the feeling that the quality of your service was better, and I dont mind paying more when I know Im getting more for my money. Now the jobs done I see that its true, I did get more than the others offered me. Thank you so much, I will use you again.”

Client: Doug V.
Location: Woollahra, Sydney
Project: Polished Double Garage Floor and Single Car-port
Area Size: 73.7sq m
Completion: 3 days
Comments: “All I can say is wow, awesome job, the garage floor is so colourful you can see it shining from 50 meters away as soon as I hit the entrance to my driveway. Service is great, product is awesome, communication was very professional, I could not ask for more. I hope I have more jobs for you again in future. Thank you :)”

Client: Wendy R.
Location: St Leonards, Sydney
Project: Custom Stenciled Driveway Design
Area Size: 55.2sq m
Completion: 2 days
Comments: “Thanks for the job well done on our stenciled driveway, your a fun company to deal with. To be honest I normally hate working with tradesman because they’re either trying to screw you for more money or making excuses as to why they didn’t do something as they originally promised, but I was very surprised that I didn’t get any of that treatment from any member of  your team. Thanks so much for that. Also I want to say that I’m more than happy with the stencil design that you recommended and am happy that I took your advice on those other things, you really know what your talking about. All the best for you and your team in future. More power to you all!.”

Client: Steve & Maryanne D.
Location: Crows Nest, Sydney
Project: Resurfaced Concrete Entrance and Pathway
Area Size: 44.4sq m
Completion: 2 days
Comments: “Hi you resurfaced my concrete entrance way and footpath back in January and just want to let you know that since then I’ve had 4 people stop by to ask who I used to have it done. I’ve referred them to you so just letting you know that you kindness you showed me when helping me make an informed decision is coming back to you already haha. It’s nice to meet people like you, these days people with integrity are hard to come by. Thanks for the education and also the friendship you’ve shown to us while you were here. I hope to have you all back some day in future, maybe on another investment home.”

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