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Stencil driveway installers provide many great selections with regards to designs. There are adhesive to non-adhesive types, different formats and sizes, and also special graphics. False or “faux” painting methods are a cost effective and the newest method to change any concrete surface and will enhance any decorating theme. Drab concrete flooring, exterior or interior, may get a new lease on life with a little paint and a nice stencil crete.

Virtually all kinds of Concrete Stencils and looks may be copied by adding the right colours, designs along with correct texture. The best patterns can depend on what kind or size of driveway we wish to renovate. Some people may wish for a color pattern or motif that goes well with the interior décor and/or the other functions of the driveway like serving as a patio area when needed other than being just a plain driveway.


Now we come to the texturing portion of the stencil concrete driveway project. Using a release solution is advised which is in a liquid or powder form, and the purpose of this release agent is to make the driveway slab harden properly. As the slab cures, workers start using a roller over the concrete’s surface to develop the texture specified. We can choose from many unique texture designs which are readily available though it is best to select the one which complements the stencil along with the general environment of the driveway.

If the texturing is completed and the stencil has been taken off, so will the releasing agent be removed as well after 24 hours and then rinsed completely after another 24 hours. Contractors usually create an added finish by applying a concrete sealer. This will help make the old concrete driveway get a new appearance. Any old driveway can be enhanced with various choices we can apply to it, especially a stencil crete driveway.

Some homeowner can choose to remove the old concrete driveway entirely and place a new slab, but be warned that this is not economical and will take a long time to complete. The better suggestion would be to resurface the driveway slab which would lower the cost compared to replacing it and apply a decorative finish such as the stencil crete driveway designs you want. But before that, we have to take a good look at the concrete if it has big cracks and may be fully damaged and then it could be necessary to take out the whole driveway. But if the cracks are only on the surface it can be resurfaced prior to installing the concrete stencil.



When we’ve ascertained out that we have a solid concrete base that is still good then we have to select what sort of concrete coat we’d like. A widely used coating for concrete driveways is the stencil concrete spray on coat also called stencil crete or cova-crete or over-crete, concrete resurfacing, spray- pave and others. The stencilcrete coatings are highly durable and could be created to be applicable for any existing area and offer many different colours and designs to select from. One very popular design nowadays seems to be the square tile with 1 solid colour and 2 different colour flecks on the driveway’s surface of a stencil crete. We can also request for slip resistant coatings that can be added to enhance the traction and safety of the driveway without going over budget.

Presently, among the newest ways to get as stencil crete driveway is sold as a spray – on Sandstone like finish, its when every tile is singly and manually crafted to provide it a particular sandstone appearance. The spray -on sandstone look stencil driveway usually comes in 2 unique colour sandstone themes and the other is a greystone look. Both of these are great and decorative and are more cost effective compared to typical sandstone and lasts longer.



There are also concrete stencil designs which look like slatestone. This utilizes the same type of items but used in a special technique. It’s installed by utilizing a trowel or squeegee as a base coating that will give it the pigment colour of the grout lines and then using the trowel tool to do a down hit and miss way of attaining the look specified. A slatestone look is maybe the most attractive of the 3 choices though it can be a bit more costly. However it’s still much more economical than tearing out the entire driveway. Finally, there are many additional choices for exterior decorative concrete such as concrete polishing, acid staining and more. This article will focus more on a stencil crete driveway.



Many stencil crete driveways are installed using highly durable paper or plastic like vinyl or Mylar plastic. The majority of paper stencil cretes usually come in rolls, similar to wrapping paper which can cover at least a thousand square feet of driveway at a time. The edges can go up to 300 lineal feet of space. We can also purchase smaller half rolls measuring 500 square feet for a Concrete Stencil design along with circular patterns or rosettes offered as smaller sheets.

Good quality paper stencils are composed of tear-resistant paper and cardboard which has been covered with a water-resistant waxed coat to inhibit breakdown and to make it easier to remove when finished. Stencil pattern choices are usually limited to copied designs like brick, slate, tile or cobblestone and slatestones replicated qeuite well. A lot of makers have huge varieties of stock for non-adhesive and adhesive paper stencils for any driveway project.

Each plastic stencils is sold as a sheet an not rolled, these are more appropriate for projects which have custom-made design choices. Plastic stencils are more durable compared to paper stencils and may be created into complex choices, allowing for limitless patterns. General sizes for the stencils are based on the design; the usual size is 4 by 8 feet per sheet.

Moreover, paper stencils for creating a stenciled concrete driveway are much more cost effective than the plastic ones. A 1,000-square-foot paper roll is priced and average of $200 to $350 in comparison to $80 for a sheet and more for just one 4 by 8-foot sized plastic stencil. Although, we can’t reuse paper stencils and will need to buy new ones for every project.

On the other hand, most plastic stencils may be reused and could be rinsed off leaned after each project and saved for other projects. Plastic stencils may be a great investment when the contractor does a lot of decorative job utilizing similar and designs for driveways. There are Sydney based concreters who urtilize reusable plastic stencils which can provide years of usage. All that’s needed is to keep the stencils perfectly flat when in storage to avoid curling or crimping and damaging the stencils themselves.



As with most concrete driveway decorative designs, a stencil concrete driveway has many details and aspects which need to be understood in order to create the ideal surface.

Stencil Concrete can be accomplished both in newly laid concrete or on old, already in use concrete driveways which have been covered by concrete overlays. Stenciled concrete can be considered a decorative pattern put on the concrete driveway. Most stencil designs are available in numerous patterns and colourings. They are quite simple to apply for professional contractors and improve the curb appeal and higher monetary value to any structure.

Just to give readers an initial idea, after the concrete is poured, workers will float and border the driveway in the conventional manner followed by placing the stencil crete patterns on the top while the concrete maintains dampness but is already free of unneeded bleed water from the cement. The placing of the stencil requires 2 people. One worker holds the stencil roll while the second worker maintains the uncoiled end on the other side of the concrete slab. As soon as the stencil concrete pattern is placed on top the driveway slab, this is firmly pressed into the surface with a unique stencil roller device.



Every design can be made on hand still be one of a kind. Their designers can change simple drawings, photographs, monograms and even family names into stencils for a stencilled concrete driveway. They can also change concrete stencil patterns coming from textile or wallpaper. Every pattern’ size may be changed be cut to fit the correct space on the driveway.

Many stencil manufacturers create customized concrete stencils in 3 unique materials: plain paper (non-adhesive), the adhesive-type paper and plastic vinyl. These companies are able to make patterns directly nearly every kind of computer file or format, examples is software like Illustrator, Coreldraw and Autocad. Companies may also create them based on non-vector digital art like TIFF, JPEG and Bitmap file formats.

We should also understand that personalized stencil patterns for stencil concrete will have a higher price compared to the stock designs, and they are not reusable in most cases. This is why we must order enough stencils for the whole job without falling short on stencil supply. The average cost for a personalized stencil pattern is dependent on the size of the driveway and how elaborate the design is along with the kind of material whether paper or plastic used as the completed stencils.

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