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While maintaining Polished Concrete Floors only require the least amount of time and cost, a some periodic maintenance is just normal. Some Polished Concrete Flooring Companies in Sydney advise to retain a basic system of keeping the surface clean with some dusting form time to time in order to take away grit and using a wet mop and a neutral soap to enhance its sheen. Companies who Specialize in Polished Concrete Floors in Sydney also provide particular cleansing compounds and maintenance detergents for Polishing Concrete Flooring that not just clean but also provide a dirt-resistant coat for the Polish to be protected with. The cleansers may be used with a mop or simple scrubbing equipment and do not require any additional Concrete Polishing.

With just the basic cleaning techniques like that, the Polished Concrete Floors will keep its sheen for years to come. Of course, over time, the concrete polish may become dull, especially in high-traffic areas. Luckily, it’s fairly easy to bring back that luster. Quite often, just using a small buffing machine for the floor and a good polishing compound which is available in most hardware stores is sufficient. Should the Polished Concrete Flooring require more work, the floors may be lightly re-polished with a fine-grit abrasive to make it easier and faster.

To date, no strict standards for Polished Concrete Floors have been shared in Sydney, even though there is mutual agreement that any Cement must be polished by using a progression of sanding disks stopping at the 1800-3500 grit diamond stage in order to be confirmed as a Polished Concrete Floor surface. As this level is achieved the Cement surface will show a high gloss luster and effective reflection qualities with no requirement for a topical coating to achieve to attain those traits.

Performing any Concrete Polishing in Sydney isn’t just the process of revealing the rock in the cement mixture then using a sealant to maintain its shine. In the actual process of polishing concrete floors an internal permeating sealer is utilized. Such a sealing agent seeps well into the Cement though it remains unseen with by our eyes. The sealant not just provides a protective layer to the Cement from underneath but equally hardens the slab or makes the floors attain higher density. That frees it from the requirement of a surface coat, and this makes for lower maintenance expenses and labor as compared to a surface coating or flooring paints and layers.

A few of the most reliable Concrete Floor Polishing Contractors in Sydney can bring the flooring to a full polished floor look with no need to apply a surface stain, coat or wax in order to make it shiny. These are experts who believe that adding wax or any kind of coat on the cement flooring will only defeat the goal of a completely polishing the concrete floor, since the surface alone may become Polished Concrete Floors in order to attain a good sheen.  And so, applying anything to the floor which would then require extra maintenance is no longer necessary.

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  1. I’ve had some bad experiences with polished concrete flooring before, it seems so slippery. If your having it done at your home or business, I definitely recommend having a non-slip coating applied to it before making it accessible to the public.

  2. There are so many beautiful polished concrete floors around Sydney business district. Before getting your concreting done, a great idea is go around to some of the high class businesses to inspect which types of flooring they’ve had installed. Take some photos then show some concreters in Sydney to get some quotes.

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