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Essential Information About Polished Concrete Driveways

Most people have no idea what it takes to produce Polished Concrete in Sydney, so here is a great article describing every needed detail to get a firm grasp of the concept before you order for your own Polished Concrete Flooring. In recent years, one of the most well used and popular flooring treatments has been Polished Concrete. It has remained widely popular in many parts of the Sydney housing and commercial segment due to the fact that Polishing Concrete Driveways is an easy way to get a long lasting product which is easy to maintain, are not expensive, display a clean look and are able to withstand the elements very well. Likewise, stone like and shiny Polished Concrete Floors can add visual appeal to the front area of the house and commercial space and enhance the value of the property.

Newly installed Polished Concrete Driveways in Sydney never require a lot of work to attain a polished look, this leads to lower expenses, though there are a some elements which we have to know so the newly laid Cement flooring may attain that Polished Concrete look. Initially, the Concrete must have a mix of decorative aggregates to add some design. Two of the most popular aggregates are river stone and black basalts. But the aggregate material can be anything a homeowner chooses as long as it can be seeded into the driveway.

There is also the use of coloured chip aggregates to create a comfortable ambiance, and marble chunks for a softer appearance. The completed surface of the Polished Concrete Driveway has to attain a high degree of smoothness to make the Concrete polishing process work correctly in Sydney. During the final stages any decorative aggregates like seashells or other small aggregates could be added to the upper surface of the cement while it is still curing and before polishing.

Remember to inform the contractor during the early stages of the project that you specified Polished Concrete Floors. To make sure that the final finish is the smoothest they can make it. Existing driveways which require repair or even a resurfacing of the top layer to get a Polished Concrete Driveway quality can be done using 2 different methods.

That weathered driveway may be cut or sanded effectively and the aggregates underneath can be the main feature, in most cases black basalt stones or a topping slab of Concrete which has at least 50mm of thickness may be installed on the old driveway to achieve start that Polishing Concrete Driveways. This first technique is normally applied since it will not lessen the already used elevations of door openings and room ceilings, although if a topping slab of Concrete is applied then we have the choice of an aggregate finish for the Polished Concrete Driveways.

In general, Polished Concrete Driveways resist chipping and denting unlike softer surfaces like wood. How easy it is to maintain has been one of its most popular benefits. By using a simple mop and room temperature water with soap, the driveway can look like new Polished Concrete Flooring for years to come.

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  1. I just want to warn you, if you’re thinking of having a Polished concrete driveway then you will need some good insurance, as they are very dangerous in the wet weather. A good alternative is to have a non-slip coating applied, as this will lower the risk factor.

  2. To be honest, out of all the different types of driveways you could have, I believe that polished concrete would have to be the number one worst decision you could make. The reason I say this is that it is extremely slippery, and therefore very dangerous 4 people walking past your property, or worse yet, walking into your property, since they would be people who you actually know and possibly even care about. For this reason I recommend considering other types of concrete driveways, such as textured decorative concrete, stamped concrete or stenciled concrete.

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