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Quick Advances In Diamond Tooling For Polished Concrete

Similar to the home computer market, diamond tooling and Polished Concrete Flooring tools tend to change fast and should continue to get better and faster. Contractors can now get diamond abrasives which cut faster, can last for more years of usage and will not leave burn marks or scratches on the polished surface.

There are now better pads which enhance the sheen and processes which dramatically lessen the number of steps needed to create the high gloss which all of us want on our Polished Concrete Floors. Clearly, grinding tools should continue to get better too. More of this equipment may be propane powered so they take up less space and weigh less. They will be lighter, sleeker, more efficient, and more compact and potent compared to the old models.

Improved specifications for Polished Concrete Flooring

Apart from materials, designs, and equipment, one of the major changes which will come is the method in which new concrete slabs are produced if requirements call for concrete floor polishing. During the early years, very high quality and mixed designs were being requested, this was before contractors started to understand that the rough diamond abrasives will just skate across the dense or hard surface of the concrete.

Additionally, concrete slabs were not being laid that had the required flatness and levelness tolerances needed, which led to a very non-even polished concrete flooring. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen the good changes in the specifications being required for polished concrete floors which are quite advantageous for contractors. By now, these provide contractors a good chance to attain the requested finish, like light and sand exposure with a no rough aggregate exposure polished concrete finish.

Topical Rather Than Traditional Concrete Floor Polishing

This is another of the major changes being seen today. It is also very much discussed for its advantages and disadvantages. The development of topical polishing rather than the full grind hone and polishing process which a lot of concrete contractors use is a major topic in the industry. Even though, there are some applications which fit the needs of specific customers, they say that the growing use of topical polishing will actually make the industry regress instead of progress to higher quality polished concrete flooring.

Remember that one of the weakest components of the concrete slab is the upper layer, as an outcome of finishing, just using a topical cream to polish the surface may look appealing when finished, and yet it will not withstand the extreme conditions if subjected to heavy machinery and vehicular traffic, pallet jacks, and also continuous foot traffic such as seen in a warehouse or other commercial setting.

In the last 2 years, there have been comparisons in the wear and tear of commercially available topically polished surfaces and flooring which have been given the conventional grinding and polishing. There is no doubt that a full grind and Concrete Polishing outclasses topical polishing for the majority of characteristics, especially durability. With Polished Concrete Floors done the right way, we can expect years of usage that is cost effective and easy to maintain, bar none.

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