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All of the ways and styles, gear and building materials for making stamped concrete driveways have become better and better in the last 5 years or so. Concrete driveway stamps were originally composed of stiff metals and created run of the mill imprints which did not have much surface detail. Modern concrete driveway stamps can now be made from a kind of plastic or hard use rubber and molds come from the actual building materials they mimic, which makes for amazingly authentic textured driveways.

We can choose from semi-rigid mats which can stretch and expand a little to suit to the different shapes of the concrete to very-pliable texturizing mats which have feathers on the sides allowing them to overlap and create un-seamed textures with no visible lines left on the surface of the concrete. It’s easy to look around online for pictures and the highly detailed specifications of these tools, lots of websites offer free information as well as quotes for your driveway project.

Although, the chief reason for the attractiveness of stamped concrete driveways is the ever-increasing range of designs and patterns that we can select from.

Just search on this website for the most popular stamped concrete driveway patterns today. A lot of Sydney based concrete stamp providers provide hundreds of standard patterns to choose from. We can go for the usual bricks, stones or slate designs and quite a number of various themes, shapes and sizes.

If you’re goal is to have a driveway that’s different from the traditional or to make some kind of theme design, we can also find a wide range of specialty concrete driveway stamps in unique styles like aquatic life, plants and vegetation, animal prints and some like the look of dinosaur fossils or extinct animals like mammoths. Concrete driveway stamps may also be customized to copy a company signage or family names to make them even more one of a kind.

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