Which Is The Best Type Of Concrete Driveway?

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Side by side Analysis: Spray On Concrete Driveways VS Decorative VS Polished VS Acid Stained

This article was designed to give you a comprehensive knowledge about the four main types of concrete styles available in Sydney, namely Decorative concrete, Polished concrete, acid stained concrete and resurfaced spray on concrete, also known as stenciled. It is not until recently that people have begun to see the importance of driveways in the overall design of a house and how it contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the abode. It was previously dismissed as just a driveway, but nowadays, people know better, because it is now being considered to be as important as the landscape in a garden. The Different Styles Of Decorative Concrete are now becoming the latest trend in home designs in Sydney.

One other driveway design option, which is also one of the latest and stylish concrete designs for a driveway, is the spray on concrete driveway. This is not a kind of paint solution. It is simple cement mixed with a pigment that can be utilized on any top layer. Including driveways, in order to individualize and plan the driveway as desired. A spray on concrete driveway is the latest method to create more attractive driveways in Sydney today.

The cement compound is sprayed by using a particular spraying apparatus. But it is not a paint, this liquid compound is able to color the surface with a highly thin solution and that makes it very easy to keep up the surface texture of the concrete. Even though the color is very thin, it’s very durable and will stay on the top layer. This pigment looks like paint, though it is far from being that substance. The makeup of the compound looks like textured concrete surface, which will improve your spray on concrete driveway that is economical.

The Resurfaced Spray-on Driveways could be utilized for stained, faded or discolored driveways to provide a new appearance with no need to change the entire driveway. Since you are simply applying the spray on concrete, there is no requirement to replace the entire concrete slab. This spray on concrete solution will help you with labor and material costs and excessive expenses.

For those with stamped concrete driveways which have faded over time, applying a simple spray on concrete will give it a new life. Based on what you want, you can make any driveway look whatever you desire. It’s even possible to design it according to your personality. In order to make the design complement your style and your home is quite a challenge but a fulfilling task if you finish it and are satisfied with the outcome. Getting a spray on concrete driveway is fairly easy and not time-consuming. One only needs the creative imagination to design their own stylish spray on concrete driveway.

This also guarantees that you have an even surface pigmentation on the driveway so that it will look sophisticated and well kept. With regards to that, maintenance is not so much an issue because if the colors are fading, you only need to reapply the spray on concrete to enable it to appear new once more.


Resurfacing Your Spray On Concrete Driveway

Generally, concrete driveways are well applied everywhere since concrete lasts a long time and is comparatively low maintenance. Although, all concrete will become damaged in time because of stains, cracks or gaps and will require resurfacing to keep up the look and worth of the home. These days, there are many kinds of decorative techniques for concrete driveways, even textured looks are available. Any texture is applied for a spray on concrete driveway with a cement polymer onto the surface

1. Use a high-pressure water hose with hot water and clean the surface to take out all the dirt and other unneeded materials.

2. Use a brush to apply concrete primer onto any cracks when the surface is dry.

3. Next, cut out fabric pieces which can serve as anti-fracture layers about the same size and shape of any cracks or damages. This fabric is sold at hardware stores and DIY shops and has been created to reinforce cracks on the concrete.

4. Place the anti-fracture membranes onto the primed cracks and gaps.

5. Pour on the elastomeric base coat onto the membranes properly.

6. Now blend the polymer concrete, make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions.

7. Use spray on polymer concrete onto the cracks and smoothen them out with a taping knife. Allow drying completely.

8. Stuff any holes with the epoxy mortar and again make them even with the taping knife apparatus.

9. Make use of a concrete grinder to level out any uneven patches on the cracks which have been repaired.

10. Pour concrete primer on the other parts of the driveway by using some paint rollers.

11. Pour your polymer concrete into a hopper spray gun.

12. Start spraying a uniform coat of concrete over your driveway properly.

13. Utilize your trowel to create texture on your spray-on concrete driveway.

14. Lastly, paint your driveway with a concrete floor paint and complete it with a concrete sealer. Allow it to dry for 2 to 3 days.

More Advantages To Spray On Concrete Driveways

One of the key benefits to a spray on concrete driveway is that it does not require the usual methods of coating the surface. Even the troweling, brushing and using brooms is not needed to attain a textured finish. This is the latest and easiest method to achieve an acid stained look or even a polished appearance with no need to renovate or replace the entire driveway.

Spray on concrete driveways are made in designs which appear to have been done by professionals, though even those with just the knowledge of the basics can create a nice and textured finish for your driveway. Various colours can paint your driveway in methods which can make you feel that the colour scheme was just specifically designed in your case.

Concrete driveways which are decorative are an essential element to making the home and even the community a better place to reside. From its simple aesthetic appeal which can enhance the experience of living in a home and in a suburban setting. The choices are more than we can imagine and still have all little details for your personalized spray on concrete driveway.

It’s really our personal choice to make our homes look better. We can buy new furniture, curtains and other home decorations. And additionally, decorative concrete driveways are good choices we must all consider because it can improve the general appearance of the abode and surroundings.

You may even blend it with anything, decorative concrete driveways are good in matching landscape and your patio area. It would certainly be a nice experience if you park your car on a polished concrete driveway, or if it is enhanced by an acid stained driveway or rejuvenated with lively color with a spray on concrete driveway.


The Modern Designs Of Driveways Today

Additionally, you might have seen decorative concrete driveways around your neighborhood and thought to yourself, even just for once that one of the driveways looked very nice along with the overall design of the house, including the fact that the colour looks and blends very well with the garage.

People will often see the house first before the driveway because typically, houses are the main attraction in housing. But, is it not that the garage is also a part of the house? Why not invest in it too since it has the same use as the living room or even the garden out back.

Driveways are common sights in a typical neighborhood. It is basically a driveway leading to the home, to its garage. The basic structure of a driveway has a radius of 10 – 15 feet, which would be enough for most and should be given around 30 feet of backing space from the garage.

Your driveway can be as big or as petite as you want it, it all depends on how you would want it to look like. A more popular type of driveway is the circular design. It is basically a loop where the driveway begins from the road and goes around to the door and around back to the road again. Driveways should be able to be easily utilized by the owner and the guests that come to visit the home. Because gone are the days of inferior designs. Modern living is dissected into many parts and one of which is living with design and art.

There are various designs that one can use in the enhancement of their garage and driveways. Being a part of a society that has discovered plenty of items that are being used to make living better, the artistry also comes out in everyday situations. Designs are the blueprint of art and art is the expression of oneself. If the driveway is decorated well enough to impress its viewers then decorative concrete driveways are not a bad investment in making a more aesthetic house. Your garage will never be the same old dirty and rusty shack. It may be that it will be the talk of the town for its beauty and innovative feel to it.

There are also those which can accommodate two or more cars. Depending on the size of the house and of the property that one possesses, the size and the shape of the driveway will vary. In my opinion, you are quite lucky if you can accommodate two or three cars

If so, then you ought to have a very stylish decorative concrete driveway then. Interior designs are all the rage nowadays that they seemed to have forgotten that before you see inside of any building or structure, you are almost always inclined to see what is outside first. To a lay person, what looks there are outside of the house will almost always determine what is inside it.

The property that greets the people who reside in a home or those who just visit should be pleasant to the eyes and not just have a plain color like gray, or even, forbid, a color that should never be included in the color wheel for its uncharacteristic hue and property. Part of it will make you feel like you live in a very beautiful house and the effect it can have to other people who see your home.

Decorative concrete driveway designs will enhance your house by showing a creative way of designing your concrete driveway. The concrete is a whole new canvas for decorative designs. Many companies are now investing in contrasting designs for the concrete driveway. There are many ways in designing the driveway, one of which is the polish method.

The presentation of your driveway is also the first impression people will have of the overall design of your house. Decorative concrete driveways are good ideas for making your concrete driveway look better and become a more pleasant and welcoming structure.

Decorating a concrete driveway is a process that involves a lot of time and effort, and not to say money. So investing in a well decorated driveway should also be taken into consideration so that one will not be disappointed when the results come in.

There are many ways to make a good design for your home. But in the end, you should be assured that you beautify your driveway. Whether it is polished, acid stained or sprayed, the choice is always up to the home owner. What makes a person comfortable is what matters.  Given the large space that the concrete driveway consumes in front of the house, wouldn’t it be better if your house has an alternative look than an all-concrete driveway?

Nowadays, there are contractors who make decorative concrete driveways. They make different designs from different patterns and colours, and gives the concrete drive way a better and more appealing look. The designs for the concrete driveways vary depending on the style the concreter used.


The Do It Yourself Decorative Concrete Driveway

Your decorative concrete driveway should definitely be more special among other driveways in your neighborhood. These could be very ornamental and could even alter the whole appearance of your land area. When you follow some tried-and-proven methods, you can effectively color your own concrete decorative driveway. Any common DIY enthusiast could color a decorative concrete driveway in just 1 -2 days based on the size and design of the driveway.

Here are some of the steps needed:

1. Take out all the oil or other chemical stains from the driveway by applying a de-greaser and using a wire brush. Set the de-greaser and let set on the grease area for 5 to 10 minutes prior to using the scrub. Get the wire brush and very firmly scrub the greasy area, and then use a pressure washer to spray away the stain.

2. Examine the greasy area when it is all dry by dropping some water on it. When the water seeps into the concrete, the grease has been removed; if not, then do the degreasing again.

3. Wash out the whole concrete area with muriatic acid and use an acid brush. Blend the acid in a 5-gallon bucket with the mixture at one gallon of acid per three gallons of water. Let the acid seep onto the concrete for 5 minutes, now reapply and use the brush to do some hard scrubbing.

4. Use the water pressure wash to clean the whole driveway, getting out any soil or debris that may hinder the coloring process of the cement. Since the color stain should seep into the inner layers of the concrete, make certain that the top layer is cleaned completely.

5. Time to buy the concrete stain for your decorative concrete driveway. Ensure the stain is a penetrating stain instead of just a surface stain. A surface stain product can only color the surface of the concrete and can be removed quite easily. The penetrating stain can really seep into the concrete and color the concrete materials underneath the surface.

6. Now start staining the concrete by applying it on the edges and corners using a hand brush. Simply pour the penetrating concrete stain onto the concrete straightaway and spread over the product using a roller device. No need to pour out the whole container at once, just adequately cover a 4foot by 4-foot space. Spread out the stain uniformly with the roller and make sure it doesn’t accumulate in one place.

7. Now seal your decorative concrete driveway with a sealing agent. Allow 2 days of drying time for the stain, use the sealer using a pump-up garden spray hose. This sealing agent will help preserve the decorative concrete driveway and allow the deep color of the stain to show.

Polished Concrete Driveways

Polished concrete driveways are made through applying different aggregates, dyes and different levels of sheen, to achieve a “polished” look. It is a lot of work to begin with, so the professionals who do this job are highly professional individuals.

Most of the buildings that use this utilize it for its low maintenance and appealing looks and longevity. Floors give a luster which makes lighting an area better. Polished concrete driveways are concrete driveways that have been toughened through a chemical densifier and is continually administered fining by tools for grinding. Oftentimes, the tools are made of tough material so that the polishing effect can be properly administered.

Polished concrete driveways are one of the best alternatives to making decorative concrete driveways because it’s low maintenance and is easily made with available materials. This is ideal for driveways because it enhances the exposed concrete instead of applying cover which is an environmentally friendly option.

It is also very durable, and easy to clean compared to other floorings. And despite its luster, this type of decorative concrete driveways is not slippery due to its high coefficient of friction. It also cuts down the production of dust which reduces the proficiency of dust mites and other allergens.

Patterns for polished concrete driveways vary from contractor to contractor in their bid to make an original design and their own take and signature design. Some may have a modern design, some may take a more rustic appeal, and still, some may have a rather more modern and brazen take on designing. Polished concrete driveways are very durable and will not be damaged like timber or any other surfaces. Prices for the design depend on the concreter.

It can also provide better lighting due to its characteristic of refracting light. Maintenance needs nothing more than a soapy bucket of water and mop.

Making a polished concrete driveway is very much like sanding a wood to get a very nice smooth texture. A concrete grinder is usually used. The process is very similar: the machine gradually grounds the surfaces until the desired smoothness and shine is achieved. The nearest equal to what is desired to be achieved is that of polished marble or granite.

If you are just about to put up a driveway, it will cost you less if you immediately have it polished. It will also require less work and will be quicker to finish. But in making a polished concrete driveway, you need materials such as river stone, granite, and black basalt mix, nevertheless, the aggregate can be anything.

When finishing the decorative concrete driveway, aggregates can be dropped into the surface to add to the design. The contractor though should be aware that the driveway should be polished thoroughly to achieve the best quality that the driveway can accommodate.

If you like to be detail oriented, customization is something you’re familiar with. Personalizing your driveway with a polished look, however, is the newest trend nowadays. It’s more than simply an area in which we pass over, a polished concrete driveway creates a special style look. Due to the multitude of decorative choices available, the selections for improving your concrete into a nice decor are limitless. There are stamped patterns, coloured concrete, concrete engraving, nicely sawed or grooved textures and even concrete acid staining to name some of the methods we can improve the beauty of the Polished Concrete Driveways.


Specific Areas Which Can Be Polished:

The advantages to concrete polishing are very many since as it creates a highly smooth surface area, but still with traction and still be cost effective. A few other exterior uses of a polished concrete flooring are engraved concrete patios, parking lots, entryways, walkways, pool decks and of course for a polished concrete driveway. Whereas, a few of the best interior uses are concrete entryways, fast food establishments, restaurants, shopping malls and residential community entryways.


Proper Maintenance of Your Polished Concrete Driveway:

Be Careful With Your Driveway. Even though concrete is one of the most enduring driveway materials, never use metal blades like lawn mowers near your driveway which might scrape or scratch the top layer. Clean Out Stains Like Oil, Gasoline, and Spills As Soon As Possible. Though a sealing agent can help to protect concrete from stain absorption, it is still a good idea to remove oil, gasoline, grease and other spills as soon as you can do it.

Do Not Use Deicers On Your Polished Concrete Driveway. During the cold months in icy areas, using de-icing chemicals on your concrete driveway can cause scaling and spalling. Chemicals which have deicers are quite harmful since these will attack the cement with chemicals.

Regularly Clean Your Polished Concrete Driveway. Properly and periodically clean your driveway will help you keep it looking at its best. The frequency of cleaning depends on the weather conditions the concrete is exposed to and the amount of vehicle traffic it goes through. The professional contractor will have suggestions for you. Then apply it and clean your floor according to the contractor’s advice.


Finding the Best Concrete Driveway Polishing Contractor:

Collect the names of Sydney Concrete Companies which performed the polished concrete driveways that you find most appealing. Make sure to ask about their experience and the quality of the services and finished products. As soon as you come up with a list of polished concrete contractors, ask for references and get a list of concrete flooring projects in your neighborhood which you could really check for yourself. Inquire how long the company has been doing this kind of work. And if they can show professional certificates, or if they can provide warranties for the work they do.


Other benefits to a Polished Concrete Driveway:

A polished concrete driveway’s adaptability and effective light reflectivity are its prime advantages, particularly in office buildings, hotels, restaurants, showroom floors, airports, shopping malls along with many commercial facilities which need to show a bright, clean and professional image to their customers, but can also be beneficial to a driveway for your home.

The process of making a polished concrete driveway is a tedious process and takes a lot of cutting and grouting. Grit is used to enhance the effect of the polishing being done by the grinding machine.


Acid Stained Concrete Driveways:

Another type of decorative concrete driveway is the acid stained concrete driveway which utilizes acid spray to get a washed look onto the surface. An acid stained driveway is simply decorative concrete which attains more character when colors are mixed and the textures of various materials are combined to create one form. This technique is utilized for driveways as well as walls, path ways and even for counters.

Having an acid stained concrete driveway gives it that rustic look which uses earth colors and an organic ambiance. This is achieved since the acid gets into the layers of the concrete and stimulates a chemical reaction which can create the many hues and colors needed. This process just enhances the alterations in the color of the concrete and does not cause any pollution or harm to the surroundings.

Planning for an acid stained concrete driveway is known to be quite simpler than other methods or processes. That means basic designs are more often chosen compared to more lavish ones, though this is not to say which designs are dull or unattractive. Contractors try to make every effort to make certain that a plan doesn’t end up being thrown off course.

Getting an acid stained concrete driveway requires a multiple stage set of actions utilizing a big spectrum of acids and salts to create different and rich colors that can be seen on the top layer of the concrete. This is easier said than done, the actions of creating an acid stained concrete driveway are complicated and require a lot of control. Professionals can use a water-soluble acid compound that will seep into the concrete and should initiate a mineral known as lime and can create the needed chemical changes.

When the chemical solution makes these particular metallic salts react, these will begin to flow and alter the color of that same mineral, creating a change in the top layer of the concrete.

Various elements can determine the result of the process for creating an acid stained concrete driveway. These are the aggregate material inside the cement, the kinds of acid and salts on the top layer, how much water is used, the right temperature and levels of humidity, as well as the age of the cement and the techniques used in sealing and buffing. These are all factors that affect how the driveway will look.

Acids used to create an effect within in a span of 2 to 5 hours, based on the concrete surface and how much solution is used and what type. Some can have shades of brown, green or tan that is dependent on the chemical composition and its effects on the cement. This alters in color or gets faded just a bit after 30 days or more. Maintaining the color, simply means periodically applying the same acid solution again to ensure no changes in color.

Your acid stained concrete driveway will then be sealed with a wax compound. Similar to old fashioned upkeep a machine buff can be made until it shines properly. Its appearance will look like veining and mottling among others.

One great thing about such designs is that all of them are made to last and will not lose their colour. They are easy to maintain and enjoyable to own because they require only low maintenance, so investing in a decorative, Stenciled Concrete or polished driveway for your Sydney home should be one of your priorities for home improvement. Contact Sydney Concreters if you would like to get prices on your project.

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